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Zornio: Republicans own the bulk of pandemic blame, but Jared Polis’ missteps are aggravating his base

As COVID-19 rages on, Gov. Jared Polis has finally been forced to call for federal assistance. It’s an unfortunate wake-up call after months of failing to enact robust preventative measures. Now, although Polis’ calls for help are necessary, they feel a bit like too little, too late — after all, what we needed was to […]

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Colorado kids are floundering in math, a “crisis” that may add up to trouble for tomorrow’s workforce

Colorado students tumbled further behind in math as the pandemic closed schools and learning went largely virtual, according to a new analysis of this year’s state assessments results. A new report from the Keystone Policy Center, a nonprofit research group, found that math test scores plummeted for many students across the state, falling at an […]

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Colorado schools fought to retain teachers during COVID. The struggle isn’t over.

After the pandemic shuttered schools in spring 2020, teacher Margaret Chase lost a key element of her on-the-job training: the ability to “hop across the hallway” for advice from seasoned colleagues. But the 25-year-old history instructor wasn’t on her own long enough for isolation to set in. Her mentors simply went virtual, and the advice […]

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Two years into Colorado’s home school boom, pandemic uncertainties bring new families into the fold

When Amber Ingram became a mom, home-schooling her children seemed like a natural next step to just about everyone but her. As a public school teacher in Colorado Springs, and married to another public school teacher, Ingram saw herself teaching at the head of a classroom, not the head of her kitchen table. But that’s […]

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A rural Colorado school district is spending $3 million to connect kids’ homes to the internet. Will it be enough?

SAN LUIS — Tucked in a canyon deep in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains, Kimba Rael’s home doesn’t always get cell service or a stable connection to the internet. “It’s a ‘dead zone,’” said Rael, principal of Centennial School District R-1 in San Luis near Colorado’s southern border. One of the few live spots where […]

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Can televised Russian face-slapping save Denver’s sports bars?

When cardboard cutouts filled the stands and the real fans were at home on their couches, Tom Ryan and his team were plotting the rebirth of Denver’s sports bar scene. Banking on corked-up demand, they prepared for this summer’s launch of a new 14,000-square-foot pub in downtown Denver, with high-definition video screens, immersive, room-size video […]

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Polis says he’ll begin phasing out pandemic executive powers

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he will begin phasing out the executive authority he has been granted during the coronavirus pandemic after creating, amending and extending about 400 orders since March 2020. The Democrat told The Denver Post that he’s now ready to let go of his unprecedented authority. “The pandemic still exists,” he said, but “our […]

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Asian American students in Colorado say they are done being quiet about racism

In the early days of the pandemic, before social distancing was even a thing, Kelly Hoang noticed people avoided sitting by her on the bus ride home from school. They were unsettled by her, said Kelly, the 16-year-old daughter of Chinese immigrants. Across the nation, people — including the former president of the United States […]

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Coronavirus is straining Colorado kids’ mental health. The state hopes free counseling sessions will help.

East Grand School District’s 1,305 students have been forced to cope with an immeasurable amount of stress this year, first in the form of a pandemic, followed by a wildfire racing through their community, burning more than 100,000 acres within hours. Amid the ashes left by the East Troublesome Fire last fall, there remains a […]