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Six years after marijuana legalization, Colorado still hasn’t figured out what to do with pot-sniffing dogs

Here’s a scenario: Let’s say police one night pull over a pickup truck, and let’s say that a narcotics dog almost immediately gives an alert that it smells drugs when it approaches the vehicle. There’s a twist, though. In addition to being trained to sniff for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy, the dog is also […]

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A jury acquitted Clarence Moses-EL of rape after 28 years in prison. But is that enough for him to be repaid for his time behind bars?

When Clarence Moses-EL walked out of a Denver courthouse two years ago after a jury in a new trial found him not guilty of a crime for which he had already served 28 years in prison, he felt free. “This moment is a moment I’ve fought for for a long time,” he told The Denver […]

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District attorney calls for updated laws after Colorado appeals court overturns man’s conviction of sexually assaulting foster child

The following story contains graphic details from a child sexual assault case and may not be appropriate for all readers. Adams County District Attorney Dave Young on Thursday urged the Colorado legislature to update the state’s laws after a court overturned a man’s conviction in a graphic child sexual assault case on grounds that his […]

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Colorado Supreme Court hears high-stakes “Martinez case” lawsuit around oil and gas

By Dan Elliot, The Associated Press An attorney for six young people who want the state to impose tougher safeguards on the energy industry told the Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday that the law requires regulators to protect public health from the hazards of drilling. A lawyer for the state countered that regulators acted properly […]

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New owner fighting to restrict access to private Cielo Vista Ranch by 5,000 descendants of the San Luis Valley’s earliest settlers

Colorado’s longest-running civil litigation is back in court as the latest billionaire owner of the storied Cielo Vista Ranch fights to restrict historic access claimed by heirs of the San Luis Valley’s original settlers. Houston’s William Bruce Harrison, a 31-year-old scion to one of Texas’ biggest oil fortunes, bought the 83,000-acre Cielo Vista Ranch a […]