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Even with orange juice, the coronavirus has turned my thought process into a baggage carousel

Outside my closed, local gym, there sits a box of oranges and lemons. The sign, scribbled in pen on a flap of the cardboard, says “Virus-free fruit. Help yourself.” There’s a plastic bag containing other plastic bags. Another message that says, “if you are taking the last of them, please throw away the box.” Do […]

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Some days, the color of everything matches my mood — blue

Colorado Covid Blues The sky’s been painted Solitude:gray, with a single drop of blue. Mineral, Quebec: the names of streetsblare by in artificial blue. The weight of snow buckles branches;even evergreens have the blues. Head down, she tromps the rock-strewn path,then, the flit and pulse of three bluebirds. MORE: See all of our Write On, Colorado […]

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After the pandemic’s pain, we’ll be presented with incredible possibilities

Sunrise comes, every day as it has forever. Today, though, it shines upon a world huddling in places of uncertainty, fear and befuddlement. “What,” many wonder, “will tomorrow bring?” Short term, acute pain for many is unavoidable — economic, social, physical and the ultimate end for some. All this shall, unfortunately, come to pass regardless […]

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Colorado Sun, other media outlets seek affidavit for stepmom accused of murdering Gannon Stauch

A group of Colorado news organizations has asked a judge to unseal an affidavit that could explain why police arrested a woman for investigation of first-degree murder in the disappearance of her stepson. Attorney Steve Zansberg, president of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, filed the motion Monday in El Paso County District Court. Letecia Stauch was […]

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Evan Smith discusses how to make our communities healthier by making them better informed

Before we published our first word at The Colorado Sun in 2018, we turned our gaze south for inspiration from The Texas Tribune.  The Tribune is a member-supported, digital, nonpartisan news organization that has changed the narrative about the news business. While legacy newspapers around the country shrink, consolidate and even disappear, the Tribune has […]

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Colorado poised to revisit murder law that can send people to prison for life — even when they didn’t kill anyone

Jeff Johnson. Lisl Auman. Curtis A. Brooks. All three were convicted of first-degree murder in Colorado, which carries an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole. None of them killed anyone.  But Colorado’s felony murder law, similar to statutes across the nation, allows for defendants to be charged and found guilty of first-degree murder […]