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Colorado is creating a network of doctors to diagnose child abuse and keep kids from slipping through the safety net

A bruise on a baby who hasn’t yet learned to crawl. An injury near a child’s ear. A broken bone from a “fall” with a story that doesn’t add up. A child protection caseworker who suspects abuse needs a doctor’s opinion, and even a pediatrician who examines the child might want expert advice. But here’s […]

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For many business groups, Colorado’s 2019 legislative session has been “very difficult” to navigate

When he heard about legislation to create a state-run paid family and medical leave plan for workers in Colorado, Scott Bright took out his calculator. “I ran the numbers and, really, the cost of it was not as large of a red flag as the effect it would have on my employees, business and clients,” […]

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Colorado Springs has big plans for its downtown. But first the city must deal with the Martin Drake Power Plant.

The Martin Drake Power Plant is as prominent as it is controversial in Colorado Springs. It’s an unmistakable landmark on the downtown horizon, especially in winter when steam from its coal-fired electric generation billows high into the air over the city’s handful of tall buildings and nearby Pikes Peak. But alongside the debate about public […]

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Cities across Colorado saw how gentrification impacted Denver. They’re trying to avoid the same pitfalls.

The downside of gentrification — involuntary displacement — has had profound effects on some neighborhoods in Denver, and now other cities along the Front Range recognize its early stages. Some have begun to formulate policy to deal with it. Fueled by a hot real estate market, less expensive areas of cities like Aurora and Fort […]

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What’s behind Colorado’s new suicide prevention campaign? Real teen voices

In the span of two weeks, four students at Chad Hawthorne’s high school in Colorado Springs killed themselves. The deaths came every few days near the end of his freshman year, even as school officials scrambled to make them stop. Across town at Alexis McCowan’s high school, a friend’s little brother took his own life […]

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Colorado’s booming pronghorn population is running horns-first into newly built neighborhoods

 COLORADO SPRINGS — The herd grazing on dried winter grass in a field of patchy snow began to rustle. One by one, the pronghorn scanned the horizon, a suburban scene of layered rooftops, two women walking their dogs, and a new, stone elementary school. Then they bolted, a river of tan and white bounding through […]

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Wildlife officials hoping man-made dens help orphaned cubs of Colorado’s bad-news bears get back on their paws

Bear cub No. 294 is asleep again, curled up on a plastic sled and blindfolded with a red bandana. Moments earlier, the tranquilizer injected through his thick brown fur and layers of winter fat had worn off, so while the other bears dozed in a trailer cruising down a highway in Colorado Springs, No. 294 […]

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Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, one of the state’s top Republicans, on what’s ahead for the GOP, his city and his future

When John Suthers termed out of statewide office in 2015, after one of the longest runs as Colorado attorney general in state history, the powerful Republican did not slide into retirement. Within six months, he was elected mayor of the second-largest city in the state and quietly began working to jumpstart Colorado Springs’ listless recovery […]

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How the cul-de-sac has turned Colorado Springs into a transit desert

COLORADO SPRINGS — Anthony Jefferson Jr. returned to Colorado Springs after three tours in Iraq hoping to put the long, drawn-out war behind him. But when his car broke down, he found himself engaged in the more subtle battles of being a transit-dependent veteran living in the poorest part of the city. Jefferson quickly found out […]