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Opinion: Through his veto threat, Polis is failing to deliver on campaign promises on renewables and climate change

Gov. Jared Polis last week told the Colorado Springs Gazette that he would veto Senate Bill 200 — a major bill to fight climate change and help Colorado’s Indigenous, Black, and communities of color fight environmental racism — if it passes in the Colorado legislature. The bill, which is still early in the legislative process, […]

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Colorado attorney general launches probe of whistleblowers’ air-pollution control complaints

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is hiring an independent investigator to probe whistleblower allegations that the state health department’s Air Pollution Control Division failed to properly enforce EPA air quality standards.  The Colorado Department of Law, led by Attorney General Phil Weiser, late Monday afternoon posted a request for proposals to investigate the detailed whistleblower […]

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Colorado governor strikes deal on oil and gas measures, but advocates say it won’t end ballot wars

Gov. Jared Polis declared a truce in the oil and gas wars in Colorado — but once again it appears to be an illusion. The Democrat announced Friday that he struck a far-reaching deal with the industry and environmental organizations to prevent ballot initiatives related to oil and gas in the 2020 or 2022 elections.  […]

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Activists are trying to reinstate Longmont’s fracking ban, arguing its now legal under new Colorado law

By Dan Elliott, The Associated Press Environmental activists asked a Colorado court on Wednesday to reinstate the city of Longmont’s ban on hydraulic fracturing, arguing the ban is legal under a new state law giving local governments more authority over the oil and gas industry. Longmont voters approved the ban in 2012, but the state […]

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The oil and gas bill is nearing final approval. Here’s a look at the concessions the industry won.

The much-contested legislation to revamp regulation of oil and gas drilling in Colorado is nearing Gov. Jared Polis’ desk after a number of significant changes designed to address industry concerns. The new parts of Senate Bill 181 are intended to put guardrails on the additional authoriity given to state and local governments in order to […]

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Colorado Supreme Court sides with oil and gas in major ruling on environmental regulations

In a big — but, perhaps, temporary — victory for the oil and  gas industry in Colorado, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday that regulators don’t have to prove a new well wouldn’t hurt the environment before issuing a permit. The landmark decision in the closely watched case, known as the Martinez case, preserves the […]

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Emotional video from Proposition 112 backers features brother of man killed in Firestone explosion. The oil and gas industry says the two are unrelated.

Proposition 112 backers have released a new campaign video featuring the distraught brother of a man killed last year when a home exploded in Firestone. The explosion, blamed on a severed flowline from a nearby natural gas well, in part prompted the measure that would increase the distance between new oil and gas operations and […]