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Nicolais: Could Colorado GOP candidates win in November? Only if they don’t screw it up.

As the June 28th primary approaches, most eyes remain fixed on the Republican side of aisle in Colorado. After nearly a year of campaigning for some candidates, the real question is: can any win in November? The answer is yes. A qualified yes. Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, governor and Secretary of State remain locked […]

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Littwin: Primaries are coming up, meaning it’s time to see if Colorado Republicans will rebuke Trump

If you haven’t noticed — and maybe you haven’t because there has been so little TV advertising — Colorado is just weeks away from the critical June 28 primary elections. And I’m here to report that, according to the political gurus I talk to, no one has any real idea what the hell is going […]

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Opinion: The Big Lie’s big objective is to weaken Colorado election system

Americans are witnessing an unprecedented right-wing ideological attempt to undermine confidence in our American elections. We have watched as other states and Washington, D.C. have faced attacks on our election security — all led by the Republican Party. And now it’s come to Colorado.  Over and over again, we’ve seen the Colorado Republican Party throw […]

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The dominant theme at Colorado Republicans’ state assembly: election conspiracies

COLORADO SPRINGS — It only took about an hour for election conspiracies to rear their heads Saturday at the Colorado GOP’s state assembly, an important biennial gathering where Republican insiders pick their party’s statewide candidates.  Before a single candidate took the stage, state party chairwoman, Kristi Burton Brown, explained the assembly would be voting by […]

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Colorado Republicans’ hopes of winning in 2022 clash this week with 2020 election deniers

Colorado Republicans’ hopes for winning in November could hinge on a clash this week between those in the party still focused on baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and those who want to focus on the future. The GOP’s state assembly, where Republican primary candidates will be selected by party insiders, is […]

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Littwin: The law and order party is having a little trouble in Colorado with both law and order

I’m not sure which is the more surprising fact I learned when reading the story about GOP gubernatorial candidate Danielle Neuschwanger in the Colorado Sun on Friday. One, that Neuschwanger, a far-right political neophyte, is not simply another soon-to-be-forgotten candidate in the race, but is actually considered by some to be among the top contenders […]

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Nicolais: Colorado’s GOP county assemblies proved the party belongs to the fringe

A few weeks ago I wrote that Republicans attempting to bar unaffiliated voters from participating in their primary elections were not the fringe of the party, but represent a substantial portion — possibly an outright majority — of the current Colorado GOP. As if on cue, county assemblies across the state worked hard to prove […]

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Nicolais: Republicans suing to bar unaffiliated voters from Colorado’s primaries aren’t on the fringe of the party

In 2020, I voted in my first Democratic primary. I am unaffiliated and received ballots for both major parties. The Democratic ballot had more choices and more at stake. This year, I planned to vote in the Republican primary if only to stand against Tina Peters’ campaign to kill democracy. If a group of Republicans […]