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Opinion: Why the zero emission vehicle standard matters — and what it means for Colorado

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Automakers and state agree on ZEV alternative to get electric vehicles to Colorado faster

Zero emission vehicle mandate still being considered, but this unusual consensus means most automakers now support adoption of controversial standard


A voluntary effort to speed up the availability of electric vehicles in Colorado has come unplugged

Automakers hoped they could convince Colorado not to adopt controversial zero-emission vehicle standards by volunteering to make more electric-vehicle models available in the state


A first look at how Colorado will become a ZEV state: the rule, the cost, the debate

If Colorado becomes a Zero Emission Vehicle state, automakers must make 5% of their inventory electric vehicles by 2023. Automakers, however, offered an alternate EV plan


Colorado is overhauling climate goals with an eye on scrubbing carbon from its electricity

Revisions to six sets of rules and four bills in the statehouse, including one that enacts "social cost of carbon" standard, aim to reduce carbon emissions while protecting coal-plant workers from obsolescence


Colorado is a top electric vehicle state without a mandate. So why can’t locals buy most of the EVs for sale?

As Colorado considers adopting a zero-emissions vehicle mandate, some electric SUVs, crossovers and pickups are coming soon


Colorado co-op’s fight for renewable energy could upend how rural communities are powered

As fight with Delta-Montrose Electric Association heads to court -- and PUC hearing -- Tri-State announces new wind, solar projects


More electric vehicles will likely be available in Colorado after a new executive order from Gov. Polis

The move puts Colorado on a path to be aligned with California’s zero-emission vehicles standards. The auto industry immediately pushed back


Environmentalists are demanding aggressive action on climate change. How far will Colorado Democrats go?

The political right in Colorado says the defeat of 2,500-foot setback measure signals the state is OK with the status quo for oil and gas

Politics and Government

An electric car for under $10,000? Used EVs becoming a more affordable, but risky, new market

Price is right for some older electric vehicles, but they come with early-model faults: range anxiety, unknown battery life -- and no tax credits

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