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Smells like a fossil fuel. Works like a fossil fuel. But these Colorado stations pump a gas with emissions less than zero.

The fuel that comes out of the gleaming pumps at X3CNG’s west Greeley station has the telltale smell of fossil fuel. It runs a big truck with the heavy-duty efficiency of a fossil fuel.  But the impact of the transaction can be the opposite of burning fossil fuel.  X3CNG and many of its competitors in […]

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After collecting $610 million from Colorado customers, regulators say it’s time to end Xcel’s pipeline repair fee

What was supposed to be a quick way to raise money to address pipeline safety issues, a little add-on of about $3 a month for the average household, has lingered on Xcel Energy natural gas bills for a decade – but it may finally end. Xcel has since 2011 raised nearly $610 million, or three […]

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Coloradans looking for EV battery recycling don’t have many places to go

The future arrives in Eric Sumpter’s back shop partially disassembled, in grease-stained cardboard boxes, looking a bit exhausted.  Hybrid and electric vehicle batteries show up at MileHybrid Automotive because it’s one of the only places state officials can identify that accepts them for refurbishing. Or, if they’ve been folded like an accordion in an accident […]

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Colorado drivers could use a “coach” to get them to buy more EVs

One seldom-explained job of an electric-vehicle coach is to assure people they’re not seeing ghosts.  Julia Moravcsik likes to take the EV-curious to the parking lot at National Center for Atmospheric Research, on Table Mesa above Boulder, and demonstrate her car’s “Smart summon” mode. With an all-electric Tesla, the driver can stand at the curb […]