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Littwin: In Colorado, and at the Jan. 6 hearing in Washington, the Big Lie has a very bad day

In an upset of upsets, they held a Republican primary in Colorado and truth — or some version relatively close to it — actually won the day,  Meaning the Big Lie got crushed. Meaning a solid majority of Colorado Republicans — and those unaffiliated voters who also participated in the GOP primary — must have […]

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Barbara Kirkmeyer wins 8th Congressional District Republican primary

Barbara Kirkmeyer, a conservative state senator and a fixture in Weld County politics, won the Republican primary in Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District on Tuesday, teeing up what’s expected to be one of the nation’s most competitive U.S. House races. The Associated Press called the race just after 8 p.m. Tuesday. Despite the lack of […]

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Littwin: In debate between Senate hopefuls Ron Hanks and Joe O’Dea, it’s hardcore vs. softcore

The headline from the Colorado Sun/CBS4 debate Monday night between Joe O’Dea and Ron Hanks was Hanks’ refusal to commit to accepting the results of next week’s GOP primary, which will choose either O’Dea or Hanks to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. But, of course, Hanks wouldn’t accept the results if he loses. […]

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Opinion: The sabotage of Joe O’Dea’s campaign defiles our elections

The American political process is in grim shape. Partisanship is rampant. The discourse is ugly and broken. Politicians, activists and the press spend more time trying to “cancel” their political adversaries then they do selling good ideas. The most capable people in our communities rarely run for office because modern campaigns are dominated by a […]

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Zornio: Vote like democracy depends on it, because it does

Last week, as I listened to the political commentary leading up to the January 6 committee hearing, one thing continued to stand out: Republicans have a good chance at winning big this November. That’s right. According to top political pundits, the party under investigation for promulgating a deadly attack to overthrow a democratic election is […]

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Nicolais: Colorado voters have until today to unaffiliate and participate in the primary of their choosing

Coloradans have until polls close on Election Day to register to vote. But, most important, those already registered with a political party have until today, June 6, to switch parties or unaffiliate ahead of the June 28th primary. It takes less than five minutes online through the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. Click the link, […]

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Opinion: The Big Lie’s big objective is to weaken Colorado election system

Americans are witnessing an unprecedented right-wing ideological attempt to undermine confidence in our American elections. We have watched as other states and Washington, D.C. have faced attacks on our election security — all led by the Republican Party. And now it’s come to Colorado.  Over and over again, we’ve seen the Colorado Republican Party throw […]