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Littwin: Colorado state Sen. Kevin Priola switches from GOP to Dems because the stakes are just that high

The news of Colorado state Sen. Kevin Priola’s decision to abandon the Republican Party and join the Democratic caucus in the state legislature is not quite ground-shaking, but that’s not to say it isn’t a big deal.  In fact, it’s a very big deal. Maybe more important than Priola switching parties — remember Sen. Ben […]

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Opinion: Running for office? Your voters are outdoors — and you should be, too

As the midterms quickly approach, the nation’s political mood is shifting. Many pundits who’d predicted a “red wave” in response to the nation’s financial condition are now changing their tunes as a result of declining prices, the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion, and the unexpected Senate passage of the Inflation […]

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Nicolais: Supporting Brittany Pettersen for Congress is about more than just politics as usual for me

For the first time in almost a decade, since I ran for state Senate, I will open my home to a political event this Saturday evening. Ironically, it will be for the person who currently holds the office I had hoped to fill. Along with former state Rep. Cole Wist, former FirstBank CEO John Ikard, […]

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Opinion: Joe O’Dea’s pitch to Colorado workers rings hollow

Big corporate CEOs are raking in record profits and working Americans are bearing the brunt of rising costs. Working Coloradans can’t afford to be fooled by a candidate who claims to fight for them. Republican Senate nomineee Joe O’Dea will try to use working Coloradans to push him to victory, but working Coloradans will see […]

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Silverman: Trump’s legal troubles could give Adam Frisch a boost in his race against Lauren Boebert

The mountain is high. The Democrats, with their equanimity in redistricting, made Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District even less favorable for a Democrat to win in 2022. Adam Frisch trails in the polls and fundraising, but he may have a decent chance to defeat Republican Lauren Boebert.  He’s strong and calm, and he’s got the smarts. […]

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Littwin: If you like long shots, you might like Tina Peters’ $250,000 bet on herself to win

If you’re looking for a good working definition of either having too much money or having too many friends with too much money, this should do as well as any: You are the person who has spent $255,912.33 to have Colorado’s county clerks conduct a recount of an election that you lost by 88,000 votes. […]

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Nicolais: Strong local reporters become more critical in a post-truth political world

With just over three months until the 2022 general election, fabrications, half-truths, omissions and utter lies will dominate political discussion from now until November. It is the same song, just at a different tempo. We live in a post-truth political world. Misleading characterizations have always been a part of the political world. More than two […]

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Littwin: Why did Heidi Ganahl bother to dodge Big Lie questions only to pick a Big Lie running mate?

The question still in front of Colorado Republicans, who are understandably hopeful about their chances this November after being completely wiped out in 2018, is whether they remember how to win statewide elections. We all know the deal. In a midterm election, especially one where the president’s approval ratings are, as inconceivable as it seems, […]