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Oil and gas companies must monitor fracking emissions as Colorado adopts first-in-the-nation rules to reduce air pollution

Oil and gas companies will have to control and monitor emissions from fracking and meet tighter emission-performance standards on the electric motors used at drill sites, under some first-in-the-nation rules passed Wednesday night by Colorado air quality regulators. The new rules for the so-called pre-production phase are in addition to regulations the state’s Air Quality […]

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Colorado must cut half of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It will lean on oil and gas to do it.

Some of the biggest cuts in Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions will come from the electricity and transportation sectors, but hitting the state’s goal of a 26% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels in the next five years will depend on curbing oil and gas emissions, according to a state analysis. “To meet these goals, we […]

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Air quality improved slightly during the stay-at-home order. But Colorado still has a serious pollution problem.

Metro Denver ranks 10th among most ozone-polluted cities in the country, according to the American Lung Association. Fort Collins is ranked No. 19.  Colorado has been making progress to clean up its air over the past decade by enacting stricter oil and gas regulations and automobile emissions standards, but the Front Range is still out […]

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Overhaul of Colorado oil and gas rules, stalled by coronavirus, gets going again — on Zoom

Colorado is in the throes of the most extensive rewrite of its oil and gas regulations in more than a decade, under deadlines now busted by the novel coronavirus pandemic – but regulators are soldiering on with the state’s first Zoom-based rulemaking. For now the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is relying on electronic […]

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Opinion: We all breathe the same air. Colorado’s oil and gas employees want to make sure our air is clean

Coloradans care about our air. Since our state’s earliest days, the quality of our air has been as important as our mountains, our wide-open spaces and our Denver Broncos. Think about it: More than 100 years ago, Americans actually forged West to settle into Colorado, many believing the dry, clean air would heal sick lungs […]

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A first look at how Colorado will become a ZEV state: the rule, the cost, the debate

A controversial move to adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle mandate is now heading down a divided road after the state’s rule-making body agreed to consider new regulations. In one lane, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission voted unanimously on Friday to return in August to decide whether Colorado should adopt the stricter vehicle emissions. Such a […]