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Colorado child protection caseworker under investigation for falsifying reports about checking on kids, at-risk adults

At first, the child protection worker’s supervisor noticed missing notes in a handful of cases of alleged abuse and neglect.  Then more cases looked suspicious, as if the caseworker’s details about checking on children and their families weren’t actually true. After an outside team — a crew of 15 caseworkers from nine counties — was […]

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In rural Crowley County, a safe return to in-person school is really the only option

What is distancing learning like without a laptop? Without internet? Without parents at home? Without a home at all? This spring, remote education brought on by the coronavirus pandemic raised difficult questions about equity and introduced unprecedented challenges for school districts across Colorado. These challenges hit Crowley County — a small, rural community in the […]

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Opinion: Let’s celebrate those running toward suffering in our coronavirus world

I tend to be drawn by those who turn, often running, toward those who are suffering.   There is something that touches us deeply when we see it, and we feel their strength when we witness their courage. I think of groups like Team Rubicon, military veterans mobilizing to help communities throughout Colorado and worldwide recover […]

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Despite reforms, the number of children dying of abuse and neglect in Colorado hasn’t subsided

In the past five years, 146 children died in Colorado from abuse or neglect. You haven’t heard about almost any of them.  The children are listed — not by name but by case number — on spreadsheets published online under Colorado law by the state human services department. Only a few of their deaths made […]

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Opinion: No Colorado child should be forced to move between 17 homes to heal

Child welfare is undergoing a long-overdue overhaul. The Family First Prevention Services Act was passed by Congress and signed into law in February 2018 and is welcomed by most in child welfare.   Family First is set to be implemented in Colorado some time in 2020 and is premised on the long-held belief that children have […]

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Most money spent in the child welfare system comes after kids are in foster care. What if that’s backwards?

In the Douglas County suburbs, one type of call to the child abuse hotline is more likely to end up with a kid in foster care than any other: “Beyond Control of Parents.”  The term means a child or teenager is having such severe mental health and behavioral issues that they’ve become a problem at […]