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“The Bad Old Days of Colorado” explores the dark underbelly of the unruly early settlers

Denver’s Hardscrabble Beginning [Denver] is infested with hordes of villains of the blackest dye, murderers, thieves, and blacklegs of all kinds. It appears to be an asylum for renegades and outlaws from surrounding regions. Nearly every day we hear of depredations being committed . . .1 Denver’s origins are murky and unsettled. While other cities […]

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Colorado’s GOP U.S. House candidate Lauren Boebert is latest linked to QAnon conspiracy theory

By Jim Anderson, Nicholas Riccardi and Alan Fram, The Associated Press When Lauren Boebert was asked in May about QAnon, she didn’t shy away from the far-right conspiracy theory, which advances unproven allegations about a so-called deep state plot against President Donald Trump that involves satanism and child sex trafficking. “Everything that I’ve heard of […]