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Rep. Herod: We need more equitable access for all to Colorado’s beautiful outdoors

Like so many others in Colorado, I am eager to spend more time outdoors as the vibrant colors of spring unfold. But for underrepresented communities, like mine, spending time outdoors may not be the classic “Colorado experience” that is often amplified on social media, or in advertisements for outdoor gear.  It is not uncommon for […]

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Record traffic in South Platte forest district spurs first-ever designated camping plan

Illegal parking spots that become networks of roads pushing deeper into the forest. Piles of garbage left in campsites. Abandoned, smoking campfires. Illegal shooting. And so much poop.  That’s what pushed Brian Banks to the limit. The messes left by the masses have spurred the district ranger of the Pike National Forest’s 450,000-acre South Platte […]