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Big idea: Republicans think Colorado should rethink how much emergency power a governor should have

In theory, Gov. Jared Polis could keep Colorado under emergency-declaration status for as long as he’s leading the state, giving himself broad powers that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to wield during calmer times. Big spending? Yes. Suspending regulations? That’s OK. Creating temporary laws? The governor has that power. Republicans in the Colorado legislature want […]

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Big idea: It may soon be illegal for Colorado to voluntarily share immigrants’ personal information with ICE

Personal information privacy is a hot topic these days, especially within Colorado’s immigrant communities. Many people refrain from accessing basic services — including coronavirus tests and vaccines — for fear their information will be shared with immigration officials. An upcoming bill seeks to assuage those fears. Sen. Julie Gonzales and Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, both Denver […]