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In “Yanks Behind the Lines,” the author sheds light on a little-known WWI humanitarian effort

Jeffrey B. Miller's grandparents were part of the massive project that kept millions in Belgium from starving. Their story sent him on a mission to research and write about an undertaking that defined American aid.


An American aid worker in WWI Belgium struggles to maintain neutrality as German deportations devastate town

In this excerpt from Jeffrey B. Miller's "WWI Crusaders," the author sets the stage for the brutality of the German occupation and the challenges ahead for a group of Americans seeking to save millions from starvation

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An inheritance of diaries and documents led to a 10-year journey that produced “WWI Crusaders”

Author Jeffrey B. Miller's grandparents played important roles in an underappreciated chapter of World War I history, as U.S. aid workers helped avert mass starvation in Belgium

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