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Auto dealers vow to keep fighting Colorado’s move to adopt less-polluting vehicle standards

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association vowed to continue fighting the state’s move to adopt less-polluting vehicle standards after a judge dismissed the organization’s lawsuit for failure to prove “economic injury” or that it was even eligible to sue. “There was no judgement on the actual claims that we made,” said Tim Jackson, president of the […]

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Colorado is a top electric vehicle state without a mandate. So why can’t locals buy most of the EVs for sale?

On any given day in Colorado last year — excluding Sundays, of course — 14.6 electric vehicles were sold. That included 1.4 Chevy Bolts, 2.9 Nissan Leafs and 6.6 Tesla Model 3s, according to data provided by Cox Automotive’s Kelley Blue Book. But what wasn’t selling at local dealerships were the Hyundai Ionic, Fiat 500e […]

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A city where all the traffic lights are green? The tech is live in Lakewood and coming soon to other Colorado cities

Wondering when a red traffic light will turn green? Now, there’s a car for that and if it happens to stop at a red light at one of the 142 equipped intersections in the city of Lakewood, the driver can see a countdown to the next green. Better yet, these vehicles, which include newer models […]

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Auto dealers sue state to prevent Colorado’s adoption of California’s low-emission vehicle standard

After unsuccessfully arguing against joining California’s low-emission vehicle standard, a group of local car sellers has sued the state to prevent the regulation from moving forward. In the complaint filed in District Court in Denver, the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association said the state’s Air Quality Control Commission rushed through the process and failed to follow […]

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Colorado’s internet of roads is a go. Soon cars will “talk” to signs and traffic signals

A plan to turn a portion of Interstate 70 into a roadway where cars communicate with street lights, signs and other internet-connected things just tripled to more than 500 miles. Colorado’s “internet of roads” project will now extend to highways that reach from Pueblo to Wyoming, and Sterling to Utah, after the state Department of […]

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Colorado votes 8-0 to join California’s low-emission vehicle standard

Update at 2:40 p.m. on Nov. 16, 2018: The Commission voted 8-0 to approve Colorado’s adoption of the low-emission vehicle standard.  Colorado took a solid step Friday to commit to improving air quality by unanimously adopting a low-emission vehicle standard created by the state of California. The state Air Quality Control Commission spent two days […]

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Nobody looked twice at the old Denver building that stored a fortune in vintage Porsches — until its turn for redevelopment came

For years, the low building on the corner of 22nd and California streets covered an entire half-block with a structure that barely warranted a second glance. It was a bland mash-up of what used to be three distinct buildings, long since connected to create an 18,000-square-foot space while its exterior brick, devoid of identifying signs, […]