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Two Denver schools targeted with “messages of hate,” vandalism

A Denver high school was targeted with graffiti displaying “messages of hate, antisemitism, racism and homophobia” over the weekend, and a Jewish private school had a window smashed and its electricity cut off, officials said.  Officials say the vandalism occurred at George Washington High School, 655 S. Monaco Parkway, late Saturday and at Denver Academy […]

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Opinion: The most unexpected weapon in the Israel-Gaza conflict? Instagram stories.

TEL AVIV, Israel — In the same predictable manner as just about every other 19-year-old, I have the tendency to instantly push back on every single opinion, task, and lecture that my parents issue. I intentionally devour spicy Takis in the face of my dad’s staunch Gwyneth Paltrow-style clean-living routine, and relish playing political devil’s […]

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Denver man in anti-Semitic group arrested in Florida after refusing to follow police commands during a traffic stop

MIAMI — A member of an anti-Semitic group was arrested in Miami after he refused to follow police commands during a traffic stop, authorities said. The group calls itself the Goyim Defense League and regularly engages in stunts to harass Jewish people, the Miami Herald reported. Last week, they were in central Florida protesting at a […]

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Opinion: As lawyers, we believe it’s time to face the legal profession’s role in the horrors of the Holocaust

The story of the Holocaust has for decades been told by those who survived the crimes of the German Nazi State.  However, as the sands of time take these brave and courageous souls from us, the responsibility for telling the story – and keeping the flame alive for those who died at the hands of […]

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Opinion: We are the children of gun violence, fear, racism and hate. Will you love us more than your guns?

We are the children of gun violence. We are the generation of Columbine, of Virginia Tech, of Sandy Hook, of MSD. We are the children who know every exit and hiding place in our schools.  When we were young we were taught to hide, if you’re quiet maybe the shooter won’t find you, maybe you’ll […]

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Opinion: I learned a valuable life lesson at the barbershop. It takes courage to speak out against hatred.

I have a confession. Oftentimes, we are quick to superficially crown ourselves as upright, honorable and virtuous individuals. But when circumstance puts us to the test, we can’t help but question the true depth of our integrity.  These junctures offer us opportunity to choose between fortifying our long-standing self-deception, or exchanging our artificial constructs with […]