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Wildlife roam where U.S. once made nuclear and chemical arms, like at Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Rocky Flats

By Dan Elliott, The Associated Press From a tiny Pacific island to a leafy Indiana forest, a handful of sites where the United States manufactured and tested some of the most lethal weapons known to humankind are now peaceful havens for wildlife. An astonishing array of animals and habitats flourished on six obsolete weapons complexes — mostly […]

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Opinion: The mass killing of Denver’s geese is cause for concern and outrage

Denverites love dogs and cats like family. There is also a growing interest in protecting wildlife across our beautiful state.  Increasingly, more and more people recognize that companion animals and wildlife are individuals and not merely undifferentiated and anonymous beings lacking emotional lives.  They form meaningful social relationships and feel a whole host of emotions including […]

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Scientists find flaws — including numerous factual errors — in plan to lift U.S. gray wolf protections

By Matthew Brown and John Flesher, The Associated Press BILLINGS, Mont. — Scientists tasked with reviewing government plans to lift protections for gray wolves across most of the U.S. said in a report released Friday that the proposal has numerous factual errors and other problems. The five-member scientific panel’s conclusions were detailed in a 245-page […]

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Why Denver Zoo’s new CEO thinks the zoo of the future will likely have fewer animals

Bert Vescolani took over as Denver Zoo’s new CEO late last summer, but he says it’s a position he’s been working toward for decades. As a kid in Michigan, his family would take winter breaks from laboring in his father’s sporting goods shops to go skiing in Colorado, and, as an adult teaching high school […]

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Six years after marijuana legalization, Colorado still hasn’t figured out what to do with pot-sniffing dogs

Here’s a scenario: Let’s say police one night pull over a pickup truck, and let’s say that a narcotics dog almost immediately gives an alert that it smells drugs when it approaches the vehicle. There’s a twist, though. In addition to being trained to sniff for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy, the dog is also […]

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CSU calls off plan to help BLM sterilize wild horses in the field by removing their ovaries

Colorado State University is withdrawing from a controversial research project with the Bureau of Land Management that called for rounding up wild horses by helicopter and then removing their ovaries. The university’s vice president for research made the announcement via email Wednesday, about a week after the end of a 30-day public comment period. It […]

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Federal officials plan to remove the ovaries of wild horses as part of a controversial birth-control roundup — and CSU wants to help them

Researchers at Colorado State University’s veterinary school plan to help the federal Bureau of Land Management sterilize wild horses with a rarely used procedure that involves removing the mares’ ovaries. The proposal, now in a 30-day public comment period, is kicking up a passionate protest from wild-horse advocates who say the surgery is barbaric, will […]