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One of The Colorado Sun stickers, stuck on the Guinness World Record sticker ball at Sticker Giant in Longmont on Sept. 4, 2019. (Dana Coffield, The Colorado Sun)

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The documentary “News Matters” looks at the corrosive impact hedge funds have had on the news industry — and on communities — across the country, and it takes aim squarely at Alden Global Capital, the New York hedge fund that one of its own newspapers described as a vulture for the ruthless cuts it has made to newsrooms in Denver and elsewhere.

But, really, why does news matter? Why should you care any more about the news industry in crisis than about other suffering industries?

Who steps in when newspapers shrink and disappear, as many have in the past five years? Who keeps you informed about the quality of our air and water? Who keeps an eye on politicians and police? Who keeps tabs on schools and jobs in our state?

There is a reason the founding fathers protected freedom of the press in the very first amendment to the Constitution. It is a foundation of a free democracy, and it’s worth protecting today, too.

We launched The Sun in 2018 and became a public benefit corporation because we passionately believe that news matters to us all. That’s the same reason we offer our stories for free, with no paywall. We simply ask that, if you can afford to help, you consider becoming a Sun member. We are always stronger together.

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