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Six-Word Mystery Entry Form

Sharpen your pencils and your wit.

How much mystery (and suspense, irony, humor) can you pack into six words? The fifth annual Six-Word Mystery Contest, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America, offers a $100 cash prize and other perks for the best really short stories in five categories. The rules, entry fees and categories are explained on RMWWA’s website, but basically you must be 18 or older and there are no residency requirements.

For the second year, The Colorado Sun will also accept free entries. This year, the top 10 reader submissions — as judged by RMMWA — will have their entry fee covered into the big contest.

Both contests close at midnight Oct. 8.

Here’s a reader favorite from last year that alludes to the mythical origins of the 6-word genre: “For sale: Covid mask, never worn.” (Thanks, Chris Romer!)

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