What the hell is wrong with the Rockies?


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Three decades ago, Colorado finally got its baseball team.

30 years later, the Colorado Rockies have never won their division, have the third-worst record in the expansion era and are on track for their first 100-loss season.

So why are the Rockies still performing like an expansion team after all these years?

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Day 1

A photo illustration of people watching a baseball game.

What is wrong with the Rockies? Three decades on, winning baseball is still a struggle in Colorado.

Day 2

Is LoDo still thriving? Here’s how Coors Field helped shape a developing neighborhood.

Day 3

Are the Rockies bad because they’re too high? Let’s examine how elevation affects baseball.

Day 4

A Colorado Rockies fan takes in a game at Coors Field

“I’m kind of part of the problem”: Why do Rockies fans keep paying to watch a losing team?