Colorado River Compact:

100 years later

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The Colorado River has been in the news a lot lately — and for good reason. Millions of people rely on it, but the systems created around this foundational Western waterway are taxed to the point of near collapse. It’s a crisis that threatens the people in seven states, more than two dozen Native American tribes and the country of Mexico.

This week, The Sun is co-publishing a series of stories created collaboratively with other newsrooms across the Colorado River Basin. Our partners on this project are The Associated Press, The Albuquerque Journal, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Arizona Daily Star and The Nevada Independent.

These stories explore the pressures on the river as the document that governs the use of this water, the Colorado River Compact, is set to reach its 100th anniversary.

Here at The Sun, we’re pleased to be able to take our readers to various corners of the Colorado River Basin with this series, hopefully illuminating some of the challenges people who depend on this water daily are struggling with.

WATCH: Colorado Basin tribes without water rights

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