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Silverman: Democrats must coalesce around the candidate who will crush Donald Trump

These times are serious as COVID-19. According to a credible whistleblower, President Trump’s administration already botched America’s best chance to avoid community spread. Now, two Americans are dead. More to follow. But how many? Who should we trust? Not Trump. Trump and Pence are demonstrably anti-science. Trump unconscionably implied to a South Carolina political rally that […]

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Opinion: The House passed a universal gun background check bill one year ago. The Senate and president must find the courage to act.

In Colorado, we are all too familiar with the tragedy and grief of gun violence. On April 20, 1999, when two shooters open fired at Columbine High School, one of us sat in his freshman class as his high school was put on lockdown just 10 miles away in Highlands Ranch. One of us left […]

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Opinion: Forced arbitration helps big companies but hurts Coloradans. Let’s even the playing field.

Individual Coloradans are at a serious disadvantage when trying to persuade corporations to address problems with products, services or hostile workplaces – especially when forced arbitration was hidden in the small print of purchase agreements or contracts. Why? Because arbitration is designed to favor corporations.  I know this first-hand because I spent 12 years of […]

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Opinion: How do we fix Colorado’s unfair tax system? It depends on who pays.

I know you’re tired of hearing about Colorado’s public funding needs, but as they continue to fester, we don’t have the luxury of ignoring them. No amount of arguing fiscal statistics ad nauseam (which we’ve done for years) changes the bottom line: In real dollars, adjusted for population, our state spends little more than it […]

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Silverman: Thanks to Trump and Gardner, Putin scored another goal in Colorado Springs

Putin’s Peak? Last week was huge for Vladimir, climaxing with his puppet’s pronouncements at the base of Pikes Peak. What a KGB dream: Russian influence in the spine of America. Colorado Springs is the home of NORAD, the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Colorado College and America the Beautiful.   Vlad Putin had to love Thursday’s Trump […]

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Opinion: Protect our outdoor recreation economy by banning speculative oil and gas leasing on public lands

As the founder and co-owner of Revel Bikes and Why Cycles, I have seen firsthand how important outdoor recreation on public lands is to Colorado’s economy and its residents’ way of life. I also know that our current leasing system prioritizes oil and gas company profits over maximizing benefits to the public.  Public Land Solutions […]