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WATCH: Fixing Colorado’s mountain lifeline — dreams for a better I-70

The state's top transportation experts and The Colorado Sun discuss improving Colorado's most important highway


Denver airport, RTD drops masks as judge voids federal COVID mandate


Democrats plan to suspend Colorado’s new gas fee — until two months after the November election

House Bill 1351 is the cornerstone of Gov. Jared Polis’ efforts to slash Coloradans’ cost of living. Any relief it offers would last just six months.

Politics and Government

Conservatives file lawsuit to invalidate Colorado’s new transportation fees. Here’s what it claims.

Senate Bill 260, passed by Democrats in 2021, enacted new fees on gasoline purchases, deliveries and Uber and Lyft rides to raise billions for transportation projects


Railroad workers warn that BNSF’s “harsh” new policy may force them to work while sick, exhausted

Workers are not allowed to strike over the freight carrier’s new point system, which docks employees for absences


United Airlines needs more workers as it undergoes one of its largest Denver expansions in years

The airline, DIA's largest, plans to hire 3,000 more people by 2026. To get past the Great Resignation, United has upped its starting wage and offers bonuses for some positions.


Durango & Silverton railroad operator wants to take on Old Tucson attraction in Arizona

American Heritage Railways also owns the Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton and runs a tourist railroad in the Great Smoky Mountains


It’s official: Colorado will begin ticketing drivers who illegally use the I-70 mountain express toll lanes

Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday signed House Bill 1074 into law letting the Colorado Department of Transportation use the lanes’ license plate cameras to ticket scofflaws


Gas tops $4 per gallon average in the U.S. for the 1st time since 2008

In Colorado, the AAA reports the average gas price on Sunday was $3.72


Colorado wants to fix the Floyd Hill I-70 nightmare. Here’s how.


Colorado wants to start ticketing the tens of thousands of drivers who illegally use the I-70 mountain express lane

House Bill 1074 would allow the state to use cameras that monitor the mountain express lanes to identify and fine motorists who travel in them when they are closed. In 2020, that was nearly 50,000 motorists.


Trains will carry “waxy crude” oil through Colorado every day after Utah approves new railway

The Surface Transportation Board last month approved the Uinta Basin Railway, which will push three to 10 trains of ‘waxy crude’ through Colorado communities every day.


New CDOT rules will force road projects to cut emissions — or else put money toward transit options

New highway projects must now cut overall pollution, offer transit alternatives, and force a revolution in land-use planning.


The final phase of restoration in Glenwood Canyon turns to debris-choked Colorado River

The Colorado Department of Transportation is orchestrating the removal of hundreds of thousands of tons of debris flushed down the walls of Glenwood Canyon in July deluge.


The Aspen Police Department wants $300,000 to try out Tesla cop cars

Electrifying the city fleet helps achieve the Aspen City Council’s goals to address climate change

Crime and Courts

I-25 South Gap will open in mid-December, nearly a year ahead of schedule

Construction on the 18-mile stretch of highway began in 2018 and was expected to conclude at the end of 2022


When “Go Greyhound” crumbled into gone Greyhound, everybody in Colorado had a memory of the storied bus station

Demolition began this week on the old bus station, making way for potential residential towers


Colorado dangles free transit on bad pollution days. But will there be anyone to ride? Or drive?

Northern Colorado transit systems struggling to lure back riders can’t restore full service because there aren’t enough drivers and that may be keeping customers away.


WHO says air pollution caps should be much tougher in Colorado, U.S.

Influential world health monitor issues strict guidelines calling for steep cuts to ozone and particulate PM2.5 emissions in Front Range counties that saw sharp spikes in both this past summer.


RTD buses and trains have more passengers — but not enough drivers

The Denver-area transit agency doesn't have enough drivers to restore service to pre-COVID levels

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