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Social Services

Social Services
Social Services

Former foster kids started a new Colorado nonprofit to help young people. TikTok is taking it nationwide.

The new group is using lived experience to connect. “We’re not professionals. We’re experts.”

Social Services

Metro Denver’s homeless population grew by 12.8% in two years, survey finds

The point-in-time count, which captures homelessness on a single night, shows 784 more people became homeless regionally during the pandemic


A Denver fund is fighting to keep attention on racial inequities in the metro area

But in an instant and virtual world, where attention spans are short, it can be challenging to keep the level of focus needed to close persistent gaps


Health disparities drive Ute Mountain Ute plan for new grocery store, workforce center

To help reduce high rates of diabetes and obesity, tribe leaders are working to raise $12 million by 2024 to help build the new community enterprise


The number of LGBTQ foster kids is on the rise, but does Colorado have enough accepting homes?

A handful of child placement agencies and a county child welfare program are standouts in seeking same-sex couples and LGBTQ-affirming foster homes.

Social Services

A rare conviction and tearful Capitol testimony are intensifying pressure to reform Colorado’s guardianship system

Elder abuse prevention advocates are cheering the conviction of a Colorado Springs conservator accused of stealing from her wards. And lawmakers hear emotional testimony from loved ones with guardians.

Politics and Government

Colorado governor’s plan for homeless recovery campus in Watkins gets initial approval after fiery debate

Hours-long, passionate hearing centered on why the state would repurpose the campus for homeless adults instead of youth in mental health crisis.

Social Services

Bill aims to prevent runaways, improve mental health results for Colorado foster youth at residential centers 

A task force included in the bill would be named after a 12-year-old boy who ran away from a Denver residential center and was struck and killed by an SUV.

Social Services

Two Coloradans just returned from providing aid in Ukraine. It’s not a matter of if they’ll go back again, but when.

Taras Overchuk and Benito Mares traveled to the war-torn, eastern European country in March


Moffat County caseworker accused of fabricating child abuse, neglect investigations has been charged with forgery

The discovery of falsified reports alarmed state officials, who sent 15 caseworkers to Craig in 2020 to re-investigate 80 abuse and neglect cases.

Social Services

As Aurora passes camping ban, some say enforcement money would be better spent on affordable housing

Mayor Mike Coffman, who proposed the ordinance that would go into effect as soon as April 28, called the ban a good first step.


Youth violence remains a major public health crisis in Aurora. City leaders want to address it with new funding.

Marijuana tax revenue will help city leaders provide $500,000 to several organizations that can prevent youth violence and intervene after a violent incident has occurred.

Crime and Courts

Aurora is getting closer to passing an urban camping ban. But will there be enough shelter space for displaced people?

Councilmembers supporting the rule say allowing people to live on the streets is inhumane. Others call the ordinance cruel and ineffective. It gets a final vote on March 28.


Colorado violates Americans with Disabilities Act, U.S. Justice Department finds

Colorado “unnecessarily” segregates people with physical disabilities in nursing homes, the department found.


One apartment building changing hands sheds light on the dire shortage of affordable housing in Arvada

A 20-unit building on Carr Street was affordable to seniors and people with disabilities not using government vouchers. Rents may almost double after renovations are done.


Marshall fire survivors who didn’t have renter’s insurance now face unique obstacles to recovery

More services may be on the way for renters whose homes were contaminated by smoke and ash, but until then, people are navigating replacing ruined belongings on their own

Marshall Fire

After COVID delay, metro Denver homelessness survey returns to measure the scope of housing crisis

The annual count of unhoused people hasn't happened since before the pandemic and is a "critical" part of measuring housing stability in the metro area.


Hundreds of Colorado children are awaiting adoption. State officials are asking for new funding to find them homes.

One child has been in the system for 18 years. Another has lived in 26 homes. Black children in Colorado wait longer for adoption than other races – no matter their age.

Social Services