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With 63-0 vote, a bill allowing medical marijuana to treat autism passes the Colorado House

The Colorado House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing medical marijuana use to treat autism spectrum disorders. The legislation had strong bipartisan support, passing 63-0 on Thursday. The bill now heads to the Senate where lawmakers in that chamber are expected to clear the measure, too. Gov. Jared Polis has pledged to sign the legislation if […]

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The opioid maker being sued by Colorado for fanning the overdose epidemic says everything it did was FDA-approved

Even as lawsuits across the country continue to churn out revelations about the aggressive marketing practices of opioid-maker Purdue Pharma, the company has asked a judge to dismiss the state of Colorado’s lawsuit against it. Its argument: All of its marketing was consistent with the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of its blockbuster pain pill […]

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Here’s how Colorado insurance regulators quietly undermined a Trump administration rule on health coverage

So let’s just get this out there: This is a story ostensibly about health insurance regulations — which normally wouldn’t send a tingle up many people’s spines. But really it’s a story about an ongoing, hidden battle camouflaged in hundreds of pages of regulatory documents. Last summer, the Trump administration fired a shot at the […]

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Colorado lawmakers are weighing whether to allow cheaper prescription drugs to be imported from Canada

By James Anderson, The Associated Press Colorado has joined a growing number of states that want to cut certain prescription drug prices by importing licensed drugs from Canada. The idea is central to Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’ campaign to rein in health care costs for Coloradans, many of whom, especially in sparsely populated rural and mountain regions, pay some […]

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As the overdose epidemic in Colorado continues, hospitals are taking a new step to dramatically reduce opioid prescriptions

Colorado’s drug overdose epidemic raged onward in 2018, claiming more lives than car crashes, according to state figures, despite the work of government officials and medical professionals furiously trying to slow it down. But one of the foremost experts on Colorado’s epidemic sees cause for optimism. “It’s getting better,” said Rob Valuck, the director of […]

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What’s behind Colorado’s new suicide prevention campaign? Real teen voices

In the span of two weeks, four students at Chad Hawthorne’s high school in Colorado Springs killed themselves. The deaths came every few days near the end of his freshman year, even as school officials scrambled to make them stop. Across town at Alexis McCowan’s high school, a friend’s little brother took his own life […]

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As their revenues grew, Colorado hospitals pushed costs onto privately insured patients and reaped billions, according to a new state report

Colorado hospitals could have passed on savings to consumers of as much as $11.5 billion over a nine-year period if they had better contained costs and lowered their margins, according to an explosive new state report. The report seems to indicate the administration of Gov. Jared Polis will take an aggressive line against hospitals in […]

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Colorado Supreme Court sides with oil and gas in major ruling on environmental regulations

In a big — but, perhaps, temporary — victory for the oil and  gas industry in Colorado, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday that regulators don’t have to prove a new well wouldn’t hurt the environment before issuing a permit. The landmark decision in the closely watched case, known as the Martinez case, preserves the […]