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Denver-area businesses may start checking your COVID vaccination status. Here’s how to get proof on your smartphone.

The myColorado app lets you download your official vaccine record on your phone -- as well as your driver’s license


Denver and its surrounding counties just issued a new mask order. These five charts show why.

The number of people dying from COVID in Colorado is the highest it has been all year


Debating whether to vaccinate your kids against COVID? Here are some things to know.

The risk of myocarditis from a coronavirus infection is much greater than it is from the COVID vaccine, according to research.


Volunteer deal for Colorado COVID management cost taxpayers $1.6 million

Colorado paid a group of Gov. Jared Polis' business associates who "volunteered" to help manage the pandemic $630,000. Then it paid another $1 million.

Politics and Government

Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties will have indoor mask mandates starting Wednesday

As coronavirus surges, the three suburban counties voted Monday to enact indoor mask mandates.


Schools, pediatricians look to make up lost ground on non-COVID vaccinations

Only 41% of Black children who were 18 months old were up to date on vaccinations in fall of 2020, compared with 57% of all children of that age.


Will COVID patients who reject vaccines embrace monoclonal antibodies? Colorado is counting on it.

As coronavirus hospitalizations top 1,500 statewide, Colorado health officials hope expanding monoclonal antibody treatment will help avert a crisis


Did Colorado’s COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers hurt hospital staffing? It’s complicated.

As a percentage of the workforce, the number of people who left or lost their jobs was small. But rural hospitals were hit harder.


Pressure grows on Gov. Jared Polis for a mask mandate to slow rising coronavirus cases

Local public health leaders across the state have sent letters to Polis asking for a new statewide mask order


Douglas County health board, faced with lawsuit, is no longer allowing schools to opt out of mask mandates

'There’s nothing left to sue us about,' health board president said


Colorado will begin requiring that people get vaccinated to attend large indoor events in Denver area

A large, indoor event is defined as one attended by 500 or more people. The order applies to concerts, bars, receptions, auctions and dance halls.


COVID-19 hot spots like Colorado may offer a sign of what’s ahead for the U.S.

Hospitals in New Mexico and Colorado are overwhelmed


Colorado’s governor always said hospital capacity would dictate a new mask mandate. So why hasn’t he issued one?

Jared Polis vowed Aug. 12 to take action before Colorado’s hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients. They are nearly overwhelmed.


Colorado dangles free transit on bad pollution days. But will there be anyone to ride? Or drive?

Northern Colorado transit systems struggling to lure back riders can’t restore full service because there aren’t enough drivers and that may be keeping customers away.


Governor prepares to expand Colorado’s COVID hospital capacity, push vaccine requirement for large indoor events

Gov. Jared Polis said that the steps he has taken so far to combat rising COVID hospitalizations “are not going to be enough”


Some Denver-area schools are closing, going remote this week due to staff shortages

In Denver, one high school switched to remote learning starting Wednesday, warning that online classes could be extended through Nov. 19


Are COVID-19 boosters the same as the original vaccines?

The vaccines weren't tweaked to better match delta because they're still working well


Colorado loosening requirements for hospital staff as COVID continues to surge

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment authorized so-called crisis standards of care in regards to hospital staffing


All Colorado adults are eligible to receive a COVID-19 booster shot, state says

Dr. Eric France, the state health department's chief medical officer, said Tuesday that the recommendation is in line with federal guidance


Colorado’s slim chance at herd immunity is slipping away as people’s COVID-19 protection wanes

Data from UCHealth University of Colorado hospital illuminates the debate over immunity from infection vs vaccination

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