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Colorado regulators look beyond coin offerings for other cryptocurrency fraud

A special task force to investigate cryptocurrency shenanigans will continue after Gerald Rome leaves his post Friday as commissioner for the Colorado Division of Securities. The task force, created over the summer, has four staff members investigating potentially fraudulent activity involving cryptocurrency offerings. It has since expanded its scope to include other crypto investments. “Once […]

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A writer explored Colorado’s rich UFO history and heard tales of lights in the sky, but his focus was on the people who saw them

Richard Estep considers himself open-minded and and non-judgmental — useful traits for someone who grew up on family ghost stories and has spent nearly 25 years studying and writing about paranormal phenomena. But he’s no pushover. As a paramedic, he wryly notes, he is lied to for a living. “Everybody I meet after midnight has […]

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In Colorado, children of any age can get married. A former child bride thinks that should change.

Jamie Rouse, arguably Colorado’s most notorious teen bride, has a message: It’s time to end child marriage.   Rouse’s marriage at the age of 14 to a man 20 years her senior so outraged state lawmakers that in 2006 they banned minors from entering into common-law marriages. They didn’t, however, address the rules for ceremonial […]

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Denver city councilman, state lawmaker revive plans for safe injection site, in spite of federal law

Tony Fairchild died leaning against a tree along the Cherry Creek Trail, overlooking the water as autumn leaves fell. It could have happened anywhere — a restaurant bathroom or a shadowy alley. Not long before, Tony had overdosed in the restroom of a Sonic Drive-In, and police had to break down the door to get […]

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A Crested Butte adventurer is skiing to the South Pole like ice is an endangered species

They are not related but they might as well be. Crested Butte adventurer Eric Larsen has the same restless, unsettled mien of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the fabled explorer of the Antarctic. It’s like they share the same genes, Larsen and Shackleton. The frigid adventure beckons. And they leap. “We have mapped and charted the face […]

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A haircut, a wound check, a bath for the dog: One-stop Denver delivery of homeless services reveals the depth and breadth of urban transience

Rhondell Burton was trying to sign up for food assistance when the 3-month-old baby strapped to her chest began to squirm. Khamaj, dressed in a gray sweatsuit and tiny black hightops, was hungry. Burton, 22, found a table in the midst of a crowded Colorado Convention Center exhibit hall to change her son’s diaper and […]

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Is Denver’s contemporary architecture killing us?

In the not too distant future, a Colorado architect believes, someone will enter a novel, contemporary building designed with odd angles and sharp points, one of those places created to be “exciting” and “unusual,” and have a heart attack. And, this architect contends, as neuroscience advances and our understanding of neuroaesthetics deepens, the courts of […]

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Two of Colorado’s largest trees lived for 500 years near Durango. Then came the 416 fire.

There was a whisper of hope. Maybe there would be a little bit of green. Maybe the aerial photos from September captured the wrong tree. But hope faded as the arborists, foresters and scientists reached the blackened grove at the heart of the 54,000-acre, 416 fire, near the confluence of Hermosa Creek and Dutch Creek […]