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Colorado ranchers are selling off cattle to survive another year of dried-up grass and parched soil

The land is so thirsty, water is soaked up before it can reach reservoirs, crops

3:00 AM MDT

Colorado allows an Eastern Plains power plant to emit toxic sulfur dioxide emissions far above safe levels, groups claim

A broad coalition of activists says it has done its own pollution modelling and analyzed EPA data, finding the Brush coal-fired station violated standards for hundreds of hours in the past two years.


Northwest Colorado under “extremely critical” fire warning for first time in 15 years as Western Slope drought worsens

About 45% of Colorado, all west of the Continental Divide, now in some state of drought


Colorado neighborhoods will get tougher toxic air monitoring of heavy polluters

House Bill 1189 passed this week with a push from community advocates and conservation groups seeking more real-time, publicly disclosed tracking of dangerous pollutants like benzene.


Colorado governor, Democrats reach deal to move forward with most of greenhouse gas emissions proposal

House Bill 1266 was amended to include much of what was in Senate Bill 200, which will be killed. Environmental groups cheered the changes, while business, electric-utility and oil and gas groups cried foul.


Some of the worst ozone pollution in the U.S. settles along the Front Range. New rules to fix it are ahead.

Colorado has made some progress toward reducing the chemical dangerous to human health. But it will take leaning on automobiles and oil and gas producers to really move the needle.


Pueblo’s Arkansas River levee is a Colorado gem. It’s also a reminder of the state’s deadliest disaster.

A 24-foot wall of water fed by torrential rain along the Front Range slammed through the narrow Arkansas River channel in downtown Pueblo on June 3, 1921.


“A secret garden”: Hidden peonies on a farm near Pueblo became a public obsession

After COVID kept visitors away, the family-run attraction needed help. Support quickly bloomed.


Landowners who shaped Colorado’s conservation easement bill would receive hundreds of thousands of dollars if credits are restored

Move to use up to $149 million from the state treasury to pay out rejected tax credits draws fire. Critics say those who shaped the legislation would personally benefit.

Politics and Government

How much damage does climate change cause in Colorado? Leaders are trying to put a price tag on it.

There are growing efforts -- in Washington and at the Colorado statehouse -- are trying to determine the social cost of carbon so they can put a price on greenhouse gases for the economic damage they wreak


Colorado closes popular stretch of Yampa River to fishing as Western Slope drought hits summer plans early

State Parks and Wildlife shuts down a key stretch below Stagecoach Reservoir far earlier than in recent years, prompting climate change warnings from river advocates and concern for local rec industry.


River ecologists are eager to show how beavers are critical to improving watersheds in the West

Colorado researchers are pitching the furry architects and contractors as a partners in preserving river health, especially as snow melts earlier and drought lingers.


Scientists want Coloradans to turn off their lights to help migrating birds

Colorado State University researchers use data visualizations to inform the public of high-intensity migration nights and when it's best to hit the lights


While Colorado’s eastern half revels in rain, the Western Slope is still stuck in a drought

Ute Mountain Utes and other farmers and ranchers plan radical cutbacks in planting and grazing, as snowpack and runoff in some areas approaches 30% of normal.


Colorado wants big companies to attack climate change by getting their employees to ditch car commutes

Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division wants businesses with more than 100 workers to start charging for parking, provide shuttles from transit stops and allow more working from home.


Colorado drivers could use a “coach” to get them to buy more EVs

These things won’t sell themselves, according to a new series of public-private partnerships that say retiring gas vehicles to stop climate change can’t be left to the free market.


The “building electrification” movement is coming for your Colorado home. Here’s what you need to know before giving up gas.

Fighting greenhouse gases means switching out fuel-burning furnaces, water heaters and stoves for models running on clean electricity. Coloradans will have to adapt.

Electrification heat pumps geothermal alternative energy

Colorado restaurants are funding farming and ranching projects that suck carbon from the atmosphere

Some see regenerative agriculture as a key way to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air worsening climate change.


Colorado used since-“retired” memo when writing disputed Suncor refinery pollution permit

Colorado officials now say they have withdrawn the 2010 memo as guidance for staff, but whistleblowers say the technical analysis for Suncor uses the same unlawful rules and the permit should be torn up


Suncor refinery’s bid for new permit gets rough hearing as advocates want to “end the cycle of problem, apology, repeat”

Refinery neighbors, environmental advocates say pollution controls should come with new Suncor permit

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