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Your definitive – for now – Q&A for electric vehicles in Colorado

What you need to know about how to pick an EV, what subsidy you might get, where to charge it, what “range anxiety” means, and how Coloradans are totally geeking out on their statistics.


Citizen scientist records retreat of Colorado glaciers one ski run at a time

Public policy analyst Jonah Siefer has skied every month of the last three years and his casual observations mirror those of climate scientists tracking the loss of ice fields.


Xcel Energy’s new electric vehicle incentives include used-car rebates, wiring homes for chargers

Colorado’s dominant utility wins praise for expanding access to electrification at home. They have new and used EV rebates based on income, and will help in buying a faster charger and getting it wired safely


Colorado regulators move forward with controversial new rule to slash greenhouse gas emissions

“We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over” to cut oil and gas emissions, strategist says as first-in-the-nation “intensity target” regulation moves on to full hearing in December.


Climate change isn’t coming in the future, it’s already here. This is how it’s impacting your everyday life.

Choking on ozone spikes, losing favorite hiking spots like Hanging Lake, sweating through fall school days — climate change is now.


A new rule to slash oil and gas emissions appeals to the industry, but Colorado activists worry it won’t work

The proposed "intensity target" rule aims to slash carbon emissions from the oil and gas industry by 60%. But the targets are based on data that doesn’t exist.


On the Navajo Nation, “putting seeds in the ground is our greatest act of resistance,” Fort Lewis students learn

Internship program hones lessons taught by parents and grandparents as students learn the role food, housing, language and ritual play in contemporary human rights struggles. 


Biden, speaking in Colorado, pitches spending plan as key to fight climate change

Biden spoke about “more jobs for the economy” as he checked out a giant windmill blade laying on the ground outside the lab and got a demonstration of wind turbine technology

Politics and Government

Colorado consumer advocates ask utility commission to reject $130M of Xcel’s February storm surcharge

The mid-February deep freeze sent natural gas prices soaring, but critics say the utility ignored warnings to store more gas and could have substituted cheaper fuel oil.


Can anyone keep climate-friendly homes off the gas grid? A community in Arvada is trying.

Arvada’s Geos community neighbors are all-electric and don’t want the next new homes to burn fossil fuels. But is there anything they can do to stop it?


Cost of wholesale electricity nearly doubled for Colorado co-op suing Xcel Energy, its partner in Comanche 3

CORE, which owns a 25% stake in the troubled unit, wants to be reimbursed for costs related to the 700 days the Pueblo plant has been offline since 2010.


Water releases from an already low Blue Mesa Reservoir will prop up Lake Powell

As of Sept. 1, the reservoir was 37% full, which is about 68 feet down from a full reservoir, and a ring of muddy shoreline was growing


These images from space show how much the reservoirs and lakes of the West have dried up

Satellite views four years apart from a chronicler of the world's largest lakes show the startling effects of the Western mega-drought.


As aquifers drain, El Paso County is hoping a nearly endless loop of water can fight future shortages

Could a $134 million pipeline recycling suburban water help wean communities off depleted aquifer sources? The latest complex solution for the arid, fast-growing West.


Colorado’s consumer advocate gets wider climate powers and a new name

Office of Consumer Counsel rebrands as Utility Consumer Advocate, with new legal rights to intervene on decarbonization and environmental justice efforts.


AAA Colorado will run rescue vans, tow trucks with alternative fuel from new hydrogen station

Auto club wants to jumpstart cleaner alternative energy by teaming with New Day Hydrogen on a station to fuel AAA vehicles and private fleets.


Life after coal: How workers at Colorado Springs’ shuttered power plant are transitioning to new careers

Chris Cox worked at the Martin Drake Power Plant for 10 years. He's among 80 people finding new jobs as power companies switch to cleaner fuels.


An obituary for coal at the Martin Drake Power Plant in Colorado Springs, by the numbers

Final burn of black carbon at the Colorado Springs Utility plant prompts a reckoning of its impact on the mechanical and environmental worlds.


The water supply of the San Luis Valley faces pressure as never before

Buffeted by drought, court orders, climate change, and Front Range diversion plans, crisis looms for southern Colorado economy.


Gaps in U.S. wildfire smoke warning network leave many exposed

Government programs to alert the public when smoke pollution becomes unhealthy rely on about 950 permanent monitoring stations and dozens of mobile units that can be deployed around major fires

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