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Colorado FAFSA rate rebounds but falls short of national average

Colorado ranks 44th in the nation for the 2022 school year in getting high school students to finish the FAFSA, the federal application for financial aid.


Food trucks are helping keep Grand Junction kids fed while school’s out for summer

About half the students in Mesa County Valley School District are eligible for free lunch. The Lunch Lizard food truck is helping make sure they get them in summer.


Volunteers fan out over Boulder to record time, temp and humidity for scientists tracking climate trends nationwide

Data collected by the annual heat mapping project, led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, helps communities combat extreme heat, which can have greater impact on economically and socially vulnerable people.


Metro Denver’s homeless population grew by 12.8% in two years, survey finds

The point-in-time count, which captures homelessness on a single night, shows 784 more people became homeless regionally during the pandemic


Boulder Valley schools punish Black and Latino students at higher rates than most Colorado districts. Parents want more accountability.

Latino students at BVSD are about 3.5 times more likely to be suspended than white students, a Boulder Reporting Lab analysis of district data shows. The district and parents are not in total agreement on how to address the longstanding problem.


Slow loss of obstetrics care forces rural Coloradans into long drives, or long stays, when babies arrive

Just 54% of rural Colorado counties have obstetric services available. This means people must drive long distances for prenatal care and to deliver their babies.


Colorado’s legislative efforts are not enough to solve its Front Range ozone problem

Laws dealing with diesel buses, emissions notifications and free public transit during months when ground-level ozone is worst won't do much to improve air quality, experts say


Dozens of Ukrainian refugees have found a temporary home in a Polish palace. A Colorado coalition is paying for their stay.

The coalition has committed to paying the lease so that between 80 and 90 refugees can live in the palace, where the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow is providing meals, computers, therapy and comfort.


Colorado tried to protect people who live in mobile home parks. A Gunnison community fell through the cracks.

The new owner of the renamed Ski Town Village hasn’t filled the potholes, cut the trees that threaten to fall on homes, or fixed the spotty water supply. But he has raised rents by 73%.


A Denver fund is fighting to keep attention on racial inequities in the metro area

But in an instant and virtual world, where attention spans are short, it can be challenging to keep the level of focus needed to close persistent gaps


“Get your rosaries off my ovaries”: Thousands protest Roe v. Wade reversal  in downtown Denver

Protesters said they marched to support women who live in states where abortion is banned or will be soon.

Politics and Government

Meet Colorado’s ultrarunning, Coors-chugging, self-described “rave twink”

Michael Mitchell picked up ultrarunning, amassed 87,000 TikTok followers and won the Steamboat Marathon — all in under a year


It’s not easy to get an immigration attorney in Colorado

Financial, physical, informational and language barriers all complicate the “just get in line” narrative


Grassroots groups lead the way on closing Colorado’s infant mortality gap

Colorado is among about 15 states that have met federal goals to reduce infant mortality. Breaking down the data by race and ethnicity, though, makes clear that major gaps remain.


31 Patriot Front members arrested near Idaho pride event. 3 Coloradans charged with conspiracy to riot.

The men were arrested after a tipster reported what looked like "a little army" loading into a U-Haul van in the parking lot of a Cour d'Alene, Idaho, hotel

Crime and Courts

After 50 years, homeownership gap between white and Latino Coloradans narrows. But for Black Coloradans, it’s widened.

The U.S. is short about 3.8 million housing units relative to demand, making it one of the toughest real estate markets in history.


As maternal mortality rate rises, Colorado health organizations tackle mental health and drug abuse

COVID-19 pushed maternal death rates higher nationwide. Some Colorado initiatives are responding with programs offering mental health care, help with substance misuse.


The construction industry has a high suicide rate. Experts gathered in Denver to find a solution.

Depression, anxiety, substance use disorders and other mental health issues are, too, a major concern in the industry.


Key gaps between Black, Latino and white Coloradans have narrowed, but equity is “a dream unrealized”  


Breast milk donations and goat milk: How Coloradans are battling through the baby formula shortage

Government shipments of formula have started to arrive in some states, but until it reaches the masses Mothers’ Milk Bank will answer calls from people offering to help and looking for assistance.

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