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From Tinkertoys to avocado greens: Denver Art Museum show presents play as a serious form of inspiration

You can almost hear vintage America breathing a sigh of relief — the midcentury modern design exhibition at the Denver Museum of Art celebrates a time of post-War optimism, rejuvenation and experimentation. Architects and designers led the country in a giant exhale, welcoming a bright (if sometimes avocado-green) future in everything from decor to advertising, […]

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“Welcome to Colorful Colorado,” but please take your selfie — safely — with one of these replica signs

“Welcome to Colorful Colorado,” the big, wooden signs at Colorado’s borders tell travelers. For selfie snappers, change that to “Welcome, but…” Travelers are now being asked to head to the nearest visitor center where they can safely pose under a replica stateline sign: same rustic, big, brown ‘welcome’ hung from log frames exactly as it […]

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A car wreck claimed one of 15-year-old gymnast Jessica Womble’s legs — but not a bit of her competitive spirit

RIFLE — The faded motivational message painted on the gymnasium wall reads: “Risk: It’s impossible to get up if we never learn to fall.” Jessica Womble’s leg swings between her metal crutches as she passes before the words without notice. She is focused on getting to the uneven bars with her teammates for her first […]

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An intimate improv rendezvous with an actor? A new Denver interactive performance draws you out — if you let it

Depending how far into it you let yourself fall, the Denver Center’s Off-Center production “Between Us” can be quite disorienting. If you are curious, I suggest falling all the way. Buy a ticket, await a text from your “guide” or your “date” or your “bartender” telling you when and where in downtown Denver to meet. […]

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Talk QWERTY to me: A vintage typewriter shop in Glenwood Springs gets analog hearts racing

Tucked away in a Glenwood Springs alley, in a little shop of anachronistic wonders, the quick brown fox still jumps over the lazy dog. Yes, that essential bygone-era typing exercise — the sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet — lives on inside Raymond’s Office Machines & Supplies. When the wooden door at Raymond’s […]

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ICEholes beware: Colorado is considering parking fines for blocking electric-vehicle charging stations

As any thoughtful electric-vehicle driver needs to do, Sean Mitchell plotted the stops on his road trip to Los Angeles before leaving home last month. He didn’t want to run out of fuel for his Tesla. Driving west was fine. But on his return to Denver, he pulled into a critical stop at a hotel […]

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Meet the city-guy-turned-cattle-rancher driving the $1 billion effort to preserve the National Western Center’s roots

At age 47, long-time Denver architect Brad Buchanan found himself in the uncomfortable position of helping a mama cow give birth. “I had my iPhone propped up in the crook of my shoulder the first time I pulled a calf at four in the morning,” said Buchanan, who, despite his day job in the city, […]

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Cody Townsend is skiing North America’s 50 classic lines — and worries climate change makes some “last descents”

Cody Townsend was at the top of his game in 2014. His career as a pro skier was soaring. His talents were harvesting awards. And standing atop a plunging, high-consequence line in Alaska as the cameras rolled and the helicopter hovered, he pondered the 60-foot cliff way below his skis. “It was something I would […]