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Meet the city-guy-turned-cattle-rancher driving the $1 billion effort to preserve the National Western Center’s roots

At age 47, long-time Denver architect Brad Buchanan found himself in the uncomfortable position of helping a mama cow give birth. “I had my iPhone propped up in the crook of my shoulder the first time I pulled a calf at four in the morning,” said Buchanan, who, despite his day job in the city, […]

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Presidents’ affinities for foods reveal their humanity, but alcohol has proven a dicier deal throughout history

The following is an excerpt from Adrian Miller’s book, “The Presidents Kitchen Cabinet.” The piece explores what Miller found in his research: that while African American chefs cooked for every president, their stories remained largely untold. Miller is an attorney, James Beard Award-winning food writer, and certified barbecue judge who lives in Denver, Colorado. Miller […]

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Research for “Soul Food” led author to tales of African-Americans at work on White House cuisine

“The President’s Kitchen Cabinet” celebrates the legacy of African-American presidential chefs. These fascinating people excelled at the awesome responsibility of nourishing our First Families. As both enslaved and free people, they were celebrated culinary artists in their time, family confidantes and, upon occasion, civil rights advocates. Adrian Miller is an attorney, James Beard Award-winning food […]

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Colorado farmers can’t get their food to the table. One startup wants to lend hands.

Last summer was a bad one for Michael Moss. A June hailstorm laid waste to his Kilt Farm southwest of Longmont, setting him back $60,000 in peppers and early-season produce — an amount just shy of the vegetable farm’s entire yearly revenue. But his problems didn’t end with the weather. After scrambling to start the […]

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Building something real on the blockchain comes down to collaboration, better tech and pizza

It’s February 2019. The cryptocurrency bubble has pretty much burst. Actual use of the public blockchain beyond currency is rare. And for many consumers, blockchain and bitcoin are the same thing (they’re actually not). That’s OK with supporters of EthDenver, an event promoting Ethereum blockchain technology that starts Friday. With bitcoin values down by 65 […]

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Polis taps Food Bank of the Rockies leader to head state human services; promotes deputy to director at Personnel Administration

Gov. Jared Polis’ office announced two new executive directors for state government Friday, leaving one cabinet position open a month after taking office. Food Bank of the Rockies interim president Michelle Barnes will become executive director of the Colorado Department of Human Services, which oversees the state’s child welfare division, youth corrections and mental hospitals. […]