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Denver’s Pizzability (with a new brewery on tap) is looking for longevity after its viral hit

The good has outweighed the bad after a viral local news segment highlighted poor treatment of the Cherry Creek pizzeria's special needs employees, owner Tiffany Fixter said. But, she says, "disability is not a trend. We are a part of the community.”

Colorado breweries embrace putting politics into the pint

Cerebral Brewing recently helped Planned Parenthood raise $10,000 with its beer Hands Off My Fruit

Beer by the book: In Colorado’s shifting landscape of breweries and bars, the author discovers an expanding universe

The Sun’s politics and beer reporter set out to chronicle the best of the best, and learned a lot about the direction of a quickly evolving industry along the way

In Denver, a binge drinking capital, the sober curious movement is gaining popularity

Social groups with names like “Sober Not Boring” and “Sober AF” are seeking like-minded members tired of the drunk scene

The new breweries at DIA combine to make the most unlikely beer crawl in Colorado

The Denver airport now boasts six breweries. Can you visit them all in one day and still make a flight? We tried to find out.

To appeal to calorie-counting drinkers, Colorado’s craft brewers are taking new approaches

The trend toward low-calorie beers and hard seltzers is catching on in Colorado, in part because of the state’s active lifestyle

Colorado’s forgotten beer boom 160 years ago shows parallels to today’s industry

The History Colorado Center’s “Beer Here!” exhibit offers a glimpse at the original beer movement in the state

June is the best month for beer in Colorado. Follow this guide to find the good stuff.

A series of great Colorado beer festivals kicks off the summer months from Greeley to Buena Vista, and plenty of breweries in between

Behold, the almighty can is the new king of craft beer

Oskar Blues in Colorado started the can revolution in craft beer, and now others are recognizing its advantages. Believe it or not: For beer quality, cans are actually better.

What is a Brut IPA? An unlikely mashup of two different beer styles

The key to making the new IPA style is an enzyme called amyloglucosidase, which traces its origins to light domestic beer

Crested Butte’s Alley Loop series, Colorado’s nuttiest race on skinny skis, starts and finishes with a big “whoop”

The costumed contingent at the event included a Notorious RBG, a nod toward U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who turned down Jell-O shots in an alley: “There will be no appearance of impropriety on my part!”

A Colorado icon and father of craft beer steps away. Here are Charlie Papazian’s parting words.

The 70-year-old founded the American Homebrewers Association and an organization that would later become the Colorado-based Brewers Association

The first bill Jared Polis will sign into law involves beer

The legislation expected to clear the House on Wednesday fixes an issue with law allowing full-strength beer sales

What the new law on beer sales means for Colorado craft brewers

The state’s craft brewers are facing major decisions about their future and facing increased competition from out-of-state beer makers

Colorado grocery, convenience stores are now selling full-strength beer

Grocery store chains were previously able to operate a liquor shop at just one of their locations in the state. Now, they can own up to five licenses.

Beer of the Year: A look at the best Colorado breweries from 2018

The inaugural Colorado Sun survey of the state’s beer industry and fans showcases the top trends and what’s to come

A revamped Avery Brewing looks to keep its beer cred after 25 years

The brewer’s sale of a minority stake to Mahou San Miguel in 2018 offers a roadmap to financial stability in a crowded market

The end of 3.2 beer in Colorado: What to know about the law taking effect Jan. 1, 2019

The largest grocers in Colorado plan to stock full-strength beer for the first time on New Year's Day, a change made possible by a sweeping overhaul of the state's Prohibition-era laws.

130 new beers in one year? A Colorado brewery’s experiment led to an unexpected result

WeldWerks Brewing in Greeley tested the limits of the trend toward new beers and styles, and it offers lessons for what’s next

Climate change could double the cost of beer. We are not kidding.

U.S. brewers relatively safe because so much barley is grown here, but in periods of extreme heat and drought, Irish consumers could see $20 added to the price of a six-pack.

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