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Why Styrofoam — amid all of Colorado’s recycling struggles — is being targeted for extinction

Styrofoam is the bane of any environmentalist’s leftover lunch. But even as some Colorado cities have tried to ban and food stores — including McDonald’s — have ditched polystyrene foam in favor of more sustainable containers, it hasn’t gone away. It’s time, said Sen. Dominick Moreno, a Democrat in Commerce City who is pushing a […]

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ICEholes beware: Colorado is considering parking fines for blocking electric-vehicle charging stations

As any thoughtful electric-vehicle driver needs to do, Sean Mitchell plotted the stops on his road trip to Los Angeles before leaving home last month. He didn’t want to run out of fuel for his Tesla. Driving west was fine. But on his return to Denver, he pulled into a critical stop at a hotel […]

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Thousands of usable iPhones trashed by one Colorado firm because well-meaning donors forgot to turn off “Find my iPhone”

In neatly sorted stacks and bins in a warehouse in Lafayette, 3,378 smartphones and tablets are waiting to be trashed. They are all used, all donated in the past three weeks, and most are in fine working condition. There are even four Apple iPhone Xs. But this batch of iPhones and iPads won’t join the […]

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Meet the city-guy-turned-cattle-rancher driving the $1 billion effort to preserve the National Western Center’s roots

At age 47, long-time Denver architect Brad Buchanan found himself in the uncomfortable position of helping a mama cow give birth. “I had my iPhone propped up in the crook of my shoulder the first time I pulled a calf at four in the morning,” said Buchanan, who, despite his day job in the city, […]

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Gov. Polis is about to sign a Colorado net neutrality bill — one with some serious teeth

Now that Democrats are in charge, Colorado’s second attempt at its own version of a net neutrality law passed the General Assembly and now heads to Gov. Jared Polis for his certain signature. Keeping internet speeds consistent regardless of whether a customer is streaming video from Comcast or Netflix wasn’t the only intent of the […]

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Here’s how Colorado Democrats aim to close the gender pay gap, starting with more wage transparency

When Joyce Sterling, a law professor at the University of Denver, studied pay discrepancies among lawyers in the 1990s, she quickly learned there was a big pay gap between men and women with the same skill set. A key finding? “Women don’t always know they’re paid less,” she said. More than a decade later, she […]

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Forget plastic bans: Mountain towns try volunteerism, bootcamps as solutions to single-use

The sister towns of Telluride and Mountain Village bagged plans to ban plastic straws after learning about an arcane Colorado law preventing municipalities from doing so. But that hasn’t stopped the resort communities from searching for alternatives to single-use plastics — or even recycling. The two towns, separated by a free gondola ride, feel the […]

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Donations to Colorado charities fell flat last year and some are blaming Trump’s tax law

For the first time since it began in 2010, Colorado Gives Day saw donations fall flat last year. Local nonprofits had already experienced declines, like Goodwill Industries of Denver, which saw contributions sink by 20 percent in the prior year. Colorado nonprofits overall landed with a thud, according to new state data showing no growth […]

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Chemical contamination from 7 Colorado coal-fired power plants found during groundwater monitoring

When Platte River Power Authority checked the groundwater near its Rawhide power plant for coal-ash contamination last year, it found some. Levels of selenium, which can cause human hair loss and deformities in fish and wildlife, were higher than deemed safe by federal groundwater protection standards. The authority, which released the Rawhide report in January, […]