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Susan Greene

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Fatal shooting lawsuit alleges culture of excessive force in Kiowa County

The lawsuit was filed by Zach Gifford’s family as one of his shooters, former Kiowa County Sheriff’s Deputy Quinten Stump, is scheduled to stand trial in January on criminal charges

Crime and Courts

Kiowa County deputy accused of killing unarmed man had history of using deadly force

Kiowa County sheriff ignored questionable incidents, records show.

Crime and Courts

How a rural Colorado traffic stop left a man dead and a sheriff’s deputy facing criminal charges

In the 11 months since Zach Gifford, the unarmed passenger in a car pulled over for a traffic violation, was shot and killed by Kiowa County Sheriff's officers, charges have been filed against a deputy. But his family and friends still have unanswered questions.

Crime and Courts

On Edge: After wanting to die, an Aurora teen is now learning to live

Navee Essien is speaking out – with support from her mother and therapist – partly because she grew up fighting for the mentally ill, and partly because she thinks her story might help.


On Edge: How friendship has been a mental-health safety net for two Colorado nurses battling coronavirus

In a year when nearly everyone’s mental health has been shakier than usual, they feel especially grateful to have built a friendship that is also a safety net


On Edge: With family missing in Ethiopia’s civil war, Denver woman says her “mind is the hardest place to be”

The anxieties of 2020 in the U.S. amplified in November, when Millete Birhanemaskel's family members went missing when their home region was bombed by the Ethiopian government.


On Edge: Colorado’s behavioral health chief opens up about his own severe depression

Robert Werthwein says he's been struck by the number of young men who have confided in him lately that they’ve been concealing COVID-related depression for fear that colleagues, friends or relatives will judge them as weak.


On Edge: Heightened anxiety, depression are testing Colorado’s already-frayed safety nets

As coronavirus makes another virulent run through Colorado, a silent epidemic of mental health challenges is feeding on the anxiety and isolation of the pandemic.


On Edge: In a rural Eastern Plains community plagued by drought, stigma won’t be easy to overcome

Week after rainless week throughout the growing season has wounded not just local farmland, but also the emotional landscape


How one of Colorado’s smallest Black Lives Matter protests became its most violent

A 27-year-old lawyer participating in a crosswalk protest is accused of shooting a man in the head as he drove through an intersection.

Politics and Government

Denver pastor and coronavirus victim to leave hospital after seven weeks on ventilator

"They keep calling me their miracle," said Rev. Terrance "Big T" Hughes, "like I’m some kind of miracle or something."


“I have to stand on faith”: A Denver pastor is critically ill with coronavirus. His wife is also sick with the disease.

The Rev. Terrance "Big T" Hughes – co-pastor at New Covenant Christian Church/Alpha Omega Ministries Disciples of Christ in Denver – is critically ill with COVID-19.