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Edward D. Breslin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Opinion: Kids heal better in safe homes than in institutional care, but that means challenges

Opinion: The shadow pandemic requires new thinking to help those who need a safe home

Opinion: School resource officers can be a positive influence on kids

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Opinion: Let’s celebrate those running toward suffering in our coronavirus world

Opinion: No Colorado child should be forced to move between 17 homes to heal

Opinion: How hard it can be for Colorado families to get the mental health treatment they need

Opinion: Early childhood support is vital for Colorado families

Opinion: Make a difference in the life of a child in need. Become a special advocate.

Opinion: Let’s help struggling families before bad situations spiral into abuse and neglect

Opinion: Their foster kids can be prone to violent outbursts, but these parents remain devoted. They need our help.

Opinion: Colorado offers better protections for LGBTQ kids than its neighbors

Opinion: Colorado can save children by helping grandparents who care for their kin

Opinion: Colorado can lead the nation in rewiring its child welfare system