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Rep. Leslie Herod

Special to The Colorado Sun

Opinion: Whether Roe stands or falls, Colorado should continue to expand abortion rights

I am not going to wait and see what the court does next, and neither should you

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Rep. Herod: We need more equitable access for all to Colorado’s beautiful outdoors

Not all of our communities are enjoying our public lands equally. Legislation could help change that.

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Rep. Herod: Eliminating juvenile-justice fees means better justice for juveniles

The systems that are supposed to guide kids onto the right track have instead driven some children and their families into the financial ditch.

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Rep. Leslie Herod: Colorado to see maternal health legislation during the 2021 session

We aim to close racial inequities in care and advocate for those who experience the worst disparities at the very beginning of life.

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Opinion: Let’s help college graduates get on their feet so Colorado can retain top talent

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