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The very old (and very new) works drawing more young viewers to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

With persistent talk in theater circles about the need to attract younger, more diverse audiences, it is perhaps ironic that the first big play of Chris Coleman’s tenure as Denver Center Theatre Company artistic director is an adaptation of an 800-page 19th century Russian novel. How many millennials were turned off by the mere title: […]

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There’s a lot of buzz around “immersive” experiences in art, theater and entertainment. But is it art?

From escape rooms to Meow Wolf’s debut in Denver next year, from Natura Obscura, running through April at MOA in Englewood, to an upcoming food/performance mashup by The Catamounts and Savory Cuisines, and including two projects on tap for DCPA’s Off-Center, “immersive” is everywhere — including the commode. “Immersive is a buzzword that has now […]

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Is Denver’s contemporary architecture killing us?

In the not too distant future, a Colorado architect believes, someone will enter a novel, contemporary building designed with odd angles and sharp points, one of those places created to be “exciting” and “unusual,” and have a heart attack. And, this architect contends, as neuroscience advances and our understanding of neuroaesthetics deepens, the courts of […]