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Denver Merchandise Mart has become a hub for outdoor retailers — and could one day host trade shows

Todd Herrick sees opportunity in the chaos.  The entrepreneur is hoping the roiling state of outdoor industry trade shows — coupled with the industry’s dynamic buy-and-sell cycles based on shifting overseas production timelines — will elevate his frill-free Denver Merchandise Mart as a safe harbor for outdoor brands, reps, vendors and retailers. “Wheeling and dealing. […]

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A massive ranch in Trinidad is officially Colorado’s newest state park thanks to innovative partnerships

Jay Cimino remembers the fall day in 2017 when his “Gang of 14” — local politicians and business leaders from Trinidad — piloted Jeeps to the base of Fishers Peak. Amidst the fall colors they made a pledge to buy the land below the craggy castle overlooking their city.  “That day, such a beautiful day, […]

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Colorado wastewater managers are grappling with a “wipes crisis” that leaves pipes in crappy shape

KEYSTONE — The congealed blobs of stinking disposable wipes pulled from sewage pump stations across the country, those are called “Cousin Its.” When there are hypodermic needles in the system-jamming clogs, those are called “Porcupines.” “Whoever has to deal with these is typically the lowest guy on the totem pole,” says Dave Barkey as he […]

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One-way-only mountain bike trail ups the adrenaline on Clear Creek County’s emerging trail network

FLOYD HILL — Mike Orr skids his Yeti mountain bike into the parking lot and pumps his fist.  “It’s a good time to be alive,” Orr says to a group of fellow mountain bikers preparing to ride. “Mountain bike trails keep getting better. Mountain bikes, too. This is why I ride.” Orr had just bombed […]

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Not sure which season ski pass to buy? Here are 10 questions to help guide your decision.

It’s the time of year to ponder passes.  Season ski pass prices start climbing around Labor Day and today’s resort operators offer discounts for skiers who commit early. Remember: resorts punish poor planners with exorbitant prices for day lift tickets.  Here’s a guide for the 2019-20 ski season in Colorado, which is ground zero for […]

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He climbed and descended 50,000 vertical feet for 13 days — blind. His dog, Lulu, showed him the way.

Trevor Thomas was stuck near Avalanche Gulch in the shadow of Mount Yale. The trail had been erased by the winter’s avalanches. The reroute of the technical Collegiate Loop Trail around the debris field did not match his directions.  “I had absolutely no idea where to go. I said to Lulu, ‘I don’t know what […]

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Colorado liftmaker Leitner-Poma entering boom as ski industry battles heat up and cities seek to innovate

GRAND JUNCTION — Cody Wells lifts his welding helmet and takes a step back from the massive steel wheels dangling from the girders of the Leitner-Poma of America warehouse.  “It’s like a mad-scientist piece. There’s not another one like this anywhere,” he says. Wells is welding together two bullwheels — one on top of the […]

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Chris Jarnot, vice president of Vail Resorts’ mountain operations, steps down after 30 years

In June, Vail Resorts gathered its top executives for an out-of-office summit. The theme of the leadership rally was “brave.” Chief executive Rob Katz was leading a conversation with the team about having the courage to say “no” to the things that are not priorities.  “So that we can have the capacity to say ‘yes’ […]

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The Colorado Classic has world-class cyclists, big parties and four days to prove it can survive

AVON — The best women cyclists in the world are on course. Live racing video is streaming. The host cities are throwing parties. The events are stacked deep. Equity for women is the hottest topic in sports Now the question is whether Coloradans will line up to support not just the Colorado Classic’s new strategy […]

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Fish ladders and boat chutes part of a massive dam rebuild on the Arkansas River

GRANITE — The Arkansas river both ambles and rages below Leadville, with gold-medal fishing, Class II to Class V rapids hosting hundreds of thousands of rafting trips and a vast, aging network of reservoirs and pipelines that water two of the biggest — and thirstiest — cities in the state. But just below the former […]