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Fatal inbounds avalanches, like the one in Taos, often spur lawsuits against ski areas. They rarely get far.

Inbounds avalanches — like the one Thursday that swept down Taos’ Kachina Peak and killed a 26-year-old skier and critically injured another — are very rare at U.S ski resorts. But fatal in-area avalanches do happen, with a handful of examples at resorts across the West in the last decade. And when they do, families […]

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Affordable housing crisis threatens vitality of Colorado’s high-country economies

VAIL — Willa Williford, an affordable housing consultant who has worked across Colorado’s high country, this week tallied some classified ads in the Crested Butte News. In Wednesday’s edition of her hometown paper there were 85 listings for jobs, from entry-level gigs to high-paying executive jobs. There were 11 listings for rental properties, most of […]

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The first death of Colorado’s avalanche season came after a series of minor mistakes, report shows

The five students and their guide in the advanced avalanche class had a detailed plan for the second day of their three-day course. They set waypoints where decisions would be reviewed. They planned their route to avoid avalanche hazards. They dug a snow pit to identify potential instability in the snowpack. They studied avalanche forecasts […]

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Arizona lawmakers under pressure to approve seven-state Colorado River drought plan before federal deadline

Years of drought planning between the seven Western states that rely on the overtaxed, climate-withered Colorado River comes down to Arizona lawmakers in the next two-and-half weeks. With a federal deadline of Jan. 31 for the states to forge a collaborative Drought Contingency Plan, Arizona remains the lone holdout. The plans for each of the […]

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Lawsuits, lenders and irked homeowners creating chaos around the sale of Granby Ranch ski resort

As an unnamed buyer circles Grand County’s privately owned Granby Ranch ski area, a roiling circus of family, lenders and homeowners is assailing resort owner Marise Cipriani. It’s not a pretty scene at the picturesque 5,000-acre ski and golf resort along the Fraser River, which Brazilian developer Cipriani has owned since 1995 and put on […]

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Colorado’s first avalanche death of 2019 came during an advanced avalanche-safety course on Red Mountain Pass

Saturday’s avalanche in the San Juan Mountains’ Senator Beck Basin, northwest of Red Mountain Pass near Silverton, swept six students of an advanced avalanche-safety class down the bowl, killing a Longmont man who was buried under 8 feet of snow.    The team found Peter Marshall, a 40-year-old skier who was participating in Silverton Avalanche […]

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Crested Butte polar explorer Eric Larsen falls short on record-setting push to South Pole

Soft snow, high winds and blinding whiteouts forced Crested Butte’s famed polar adventurer Eric Larsen to abandon his quest for a speed record to the South Pole. America’s most accomplished polar explorer was planning a meticulously scheduled push across 700 miles of ice to the bottom of the world in less than 24 days. Pulling […]

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Angela Hawse takes helm of American Mountain Guides Association board as group leans on women to foster change in guiding culture

A business owner, veteran guide, educator and pioneer for women in the outdoor industry, Angela Hawse is an alpine boss. In 2010 she became the sixth American woman to earn the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association certification, the highest level for mountain guide. She is the only woman on the American Mountain Guides Association […]

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Communities in the Colorado high country, hit hard by soaring premiums, offer medical cost-sharing programs to ease burden

VAIL — Chris Romer has watched families in the Vail Valley writhe under mortgage-sized payments for medical insurance. He’s watched state legislators and regulators fail to stem the soaring costs of health insurance in the Colorado high country, where a family policy easily tops $2,000 a month. And with the pending departure of the Affordable […]

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Battle over Carbondale to Crested Butte trail begins and ends at the top of McClure Pass. Economics are why.

On the Gunnison County side of McClure Pass, the Carbondale to Crested Butte Trail is exactly that: a one-way trail from Pitkin County. And unlike residents of the Crystal River Valley who question the impacts of a trail through their narrow, remote canyon, folks on the Crested Butte side of the trail welcome the path. […]