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In the zen zone high above Minturn, slackliners traverse the state’s longest highline

MINTURN — Ben Donnelly basks in his creation, admiring a web of slings, carabiners and ropes strung between a trio of trees atop a towering cliff above this former mining and railroad town. “This is my art,” he says. “It’s meticulous and beautiful and elegant. It’s a masterpiece.” Far away, his friend Mauro Poletti’s arms […]

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Aurora spent $34 million on water from a toxic mine. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

FAIRPLAY — Joe Harrington unfurls the map of the mine he owns, a once notorious source of toxic cadmium and zinc tainting water in the South Platte River basin.  He traces his finger along a 20-mile fault line, an underground wall of clay known as the London Fault that runs through the London Mine’s maze […]

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The Palisade Plunge (and its 6,000-foot descent) will be one of Colorado’s crown jewels

GRAND JUNCTION — Perched on basalt boulders at the end of a path freshly carved through a jungle of scrub oak, Scott Winans is as close as ever to a 10-year goal that promises to highlight the recreational assets of his Grand Valley home turf.   “It’s been a lot of work to get here. A […]

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Record spending, flat visitation suggest Colorado’s campaign for sustainable tourism is paying off

Travelers in Colorado set yet another record in 2018, but this time tourist spending eclipsed sheer numbers. Colorado Tourism Office research released Thursday shows Colorado travelers spent $22.3 billion in 2018, a nearly 7% increase over the previous year while overall visitation numbers remained flat. The numbers indicate the tourism office’s two-year campaign to lure […]

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A secret freeski race on a remote Colorado snowfield in July? Tell us more — if you can.

WINTER PARK — It might have been 1964 when Cooper Black, a leather-booted ski racer from Winter Park, trudged up the remote mountain pass in July and skied down a glacier above a lake.  “He might have raced himself that year,” says Bob Singley, the 78-year-old ski bum whose resume on snow includes stunt skiing […]

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Could a massive southern Colorado ranch become a state park? It’s an idea just “crazy” enough to work.

TRINIDAD — Fisher’s Peak looms over every block of this city. “There are so many views you can get of that peak in town. Like when the clouds are low and it looks like it’s just dangling in midair. That view is part of every day in Trinidad,” Mayor Phil Rico says.  Despite the everyday […]

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“Maybe it was bad luck,” tourist train owner says of massive fire near Durango that led to $25 million lawsuit

The federal government wants the owner of a tourist train in Durango to pay $25 million for causing a wildfire that scorched 53,000 acres of Forest Service land last summer.  A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office says burning cinders from the exhaust stack of a coal-fired steam […]