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Colorado hopes dropping $100 into college savings accounts for every newborn will mean more higher ed students

A new state initiative aims to give Colorado families a head start in the long race to save for higher education by offering $100 in seed money for the college savings accounts of every newborn or adopted child starting in 2020. The initiative, called First Step and launched on Wednesday, is offered by the state-run […]

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Struggle to afford kids, homes in Colorado could keep full-day kindergarten from busting education budget

The number of kids enrolled in kindergarten across Colorado appears to have declined this school year, even with Gov. Jared Polis’ ambitious push for free full-day kindergarten in every school district. Legislative budget forecasters expect that trend to continue, or that enrollment will remain flat, as birth rates decline and sky-high housing costs discourage young […]

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Thousands of Colorado kids at risk of falling behind aren’t enrolled in preschool, but schools are out of room

Miss Hannah’s morning preschool class at Shawsheen Elementary School in Greeley is full of chatty 3- and 4-year-olds, full of moments gathered in a circle on the floor for storytime, and full of as much laughter as learning. It’s also just plain full. Hannah Halferty’s class is at capacity — as are all preschool classes […]

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Four ways that tinkering with Colorado’s school funding formula could impact the state’s districts

Colorado’s 25-year-old school funding formula is one step closer to a makeover many argue has long been needed, but lawmakers are still pinning down exactly how changes they’re considering would impact the state’s 178 school districts. Lawmakers released a bill draft on Friday outlining proposed changes to the formula, including scaling back how much cost […]

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35% of Colorado high schoolers are earning college credit as they study for their diplomas

More Colorado students than ever are graduating from high school with experience taking college courses, with a record number completing degrees and certificates at the same time they’re earning diplomas. About 35% of all public high school juniors and seniors – 45,787 students – were concurrently enrolled in postsecondary courses during the 2017-18 school year, […]

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Part calculator, part crystal ball: Colorado lawmakers’ simulator testing tweaks to state’s school-funding formula

It’s hard to say how changes to a 25-year-old school funding formula will impact individual districts across Colorado, but for state lawmakers contemplating changes, an advanced simulation tool offers a peek into how tweaks could play out. The tool, called a simulator by its creator, EdBuild, is part calculator and part crystal ball. “At the […]

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Colorado wants to steer more students toward college by driving down higher education costs beyond tuition

The rising cost of a college education is a roadblock for many Colorado students, but the state’s higher education leaders are pledging to expand the possibility of getting a college degree using a new “roadmap” focused on affordability. Colorado universities and community colleges are “really the best tool we have to create opportunity for Coloradans, […]

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These five bills are designed to make Colorado schools safer. None touches on guns.

Colorado’s School Safety Committee moved forward with five bills on Thursday that seek to prevent any more children from becoming victims of school violence. None, however, addresses a core issue related to many incidents of school violence: firearms and students’ access to them. The only mention of guns came at the tail end of Thursday’s […]

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Lawmakers are finally setting out to retool Colorado’s school funding formula. They’ll have to reach a consensus on these questions first.

A legislative committee is exploring how to revise a school funding formula many deem outdated, but lawmakers have more questions than answers and less than two months to decide how dollars will flow to schools. The Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance, which has spent close to three years contemplating changes to the formula, known […]