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Fund roads by going local? / Rose Medical Center’s trailblazing history / Colorado’s public option unknowns / Colorado news reading list / Much more

Time is flying now that we only get about 10 hours of sunshine a day. It’s already the Monday before the Monday before Thanksgiving, and we all know how time basically turns into a slip-and-slide once we cross that holiday threshold. We’ve got some fun events planned between now and the end of the year, […]

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Glenwood’s “existential crisis” / Rising tuition, reduced college costs / Idaho Springs gondola? / Uber vs. car culture / Lyft’s EVs / Much more

Happy bizarrely warm November Friday, folks! We had a great time with everyone who came out to meet Drew Litton and Sun staffers at the Denver Press Club on Wednesday. If you missed it, check out a timelapse of Drew drawing John Elway here and stay tuned to this very newsletter for more events like […]

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“Gentle density” / Fixing the Fraser / Colorado recycles a little more / Why voter “report cards” work (sometimes) / How to pitch a law / Much more

Welcome to your official Colorado-focused impeachment hearing counterprogramming. The hearing that started this morning is a historic event — I don’t begrudge you one bit for checking it out — but here at The Sun we will be offering you a steady supply of important non-impeachment Colorado news (and also chasing down any Colorado-related impeachment […]

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Cañon City ruins snow days / The crew that helps honor vets at Fort Logan / DEA takes Colorado to court / Backcountry’s mea culpa / And much more

Hello from snowy Denver on this Veterans Day morning. We have some very relevant stories both for honoring the sacrifice of military servicemen and women and for how a school district deals with snow days on a modified schedule, so we won’t waste any more time. Let’s salt this sidewalk, shall we?  “An Evening with […]

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Colorado’s micro-farmers / Backcountry CEO speaks / (Some) rural districts step up for schools / Hickenlooper ethics report / Much more

Good morning and happy Friday! It’s been a busy, busy week. For example, we had a whole election just a few days ago that already feels like it happened a month ago.  We’ve got so much news to digest today, but I want to take a minute for a short lesson on how to make […]

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CC fails but the TABOR fight is just kicking into gear / Backcountry backlash / Mental health in Colorado’s farmland / Robot cars / Much more

Good morning! Did you vote yesterday? Or at any time in the several weeks before yesterday that you had your ballot? Well, the numbers as of this writing say that only about 35% of Colorado’s voting population decided to fulfill their civic duty, and while that number will grow a little as the final counts […]

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Enforcing vaccine law in schools / Rural wireless vs. national security / That voter “report card” / School safety beyond guns / Much more

Good morning and happy First Workday After Daylight Saving Time, everybody’s least favorite annual occurrence. Most of my clocks are internet connected (down to my watch) but the whole “getting dark before 5 p.m.” thing is way more disruptive than having to reset my car’s dashboard clock. But don’t let the creeping darkness distract you […]

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Who owns “backcountry?” / New priest abuse investigation details / Reinsurance’s fine print / CORE Act reality check / And much more

Good morning and happy All Saints Day! I hope everyone had a fun and fruitful Halloween (I watched Gremlins 2 and enjoyed my 14th consecutive year of living in an apartment and not getting trick-or-treaters). You all sent in some excellent snow photos from around the state, including Arvada (via Jeremy), Eagle (via Tony), the […]

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Green plate special / Tackling Colorado’s school funding formula / Major data privacy law / Hospitals, insurers vs. “public option” / So much more

Happy ice-cold Halloween Eve, Colorado!  Instead of telling you what you already know — it’s cold — I’m just going to ask you to a) send me your most interesting snow photo b) buckle in for an email full of news you can use (with very little of it related to snow). Let’s wax this […]

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Criticism of priest-abuse investigation / Dark money vs. drilling report / What is Colorado’s water plan? / A 2020 political reality check / Much more

Good morning from the inside of a cheap snow globe, aka Denver. Depending on your commuting situation, the layer of snow that hit most of the state is either idyllic or terrifying. This newsletter will probably land a little bit after your commute, but considering we are in store for another round of snow tomorrow […]