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Brian Eason

Special to The Colorado Sun

Colorado scrutinizes oil and gas tax breaks as severance taxes drop and the state budget gets tight

A recent legislative analysis finds the Colorado oil and gas industry pays second lowest severance tax rate among nine Western states

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Colorado issues, like fracking and marijuana, divide the Democratic candidates for president

A Colorado Sun survey shows all but two candidates support federal marijuana legalization, while others lack clear plans on Western issues

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Voter guide: Where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on Colorado issues

Ahead of the state’s presidential primary on Super Tuesday, the Democratic candidates talk health care, marijuana, education, public land and beer

Colorado progressives have a new target in their pursuit of a tax overhaul: the rich. Here’s why.

A host of proposed ballot measures for 2020 and proposals at the state Capitol are putting Colorado’s uneven tax system in the spotlight

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The tax fight continues in Colorado as liberal group files 35 more ideas for the 2020 ballot

The proposed ballot initiatives would move the state back toward a graduated, or progressive, tax system that would mean higher taxes for the wealthy

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With Proposition CC’s failure, Colorado Democrats face a budget crunch in 2020. Here are their 4 options to address it.

Democrats in the Colorado legislature will have to choose between sacrificing parts of their ambitious agenda, or finding creative –– and politically risky –– ways to pay for it

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Here’s what you need to know about Colorado’s water plan before voting on Proposition DD

The spending needed to boost Colorado’s water resources won’t get fully addressed by the 2019 ballot question, but supporters say it’s a start

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Proposition CC explained: What it means to end the spending caps in TABOR and the money at stake

The debate for Prop. CC involves whether to keep TABOR refunds, or send the tax dollars to three key areas: education, colleges and transportation.

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Prop. DD explained: What sports gambling would mean in Colorado and how much (or little) it would generate

Proponents of Proposition DD on the statewide ballot highlight the money earmarked for water conservation projects, but revenue estimates are a wild card

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TABOR faces a reckoning with Prop. CC. Here’s what you should know about its impact on state spending

One reason why the TABOR cap is so contentious is because the state took on a larger role in supporting education and health care

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Colorado made kindergarten a priority. But when it comes to four-day school weeks, lawmakers don’t see a problem.

While many are uncomfortable with the trend of districts adopting four-day school weeks, it receives surprisingly little attention in a state where education has long been a top political issue


Is Colorado’s 2019 ballot question about TABOR spending caps really a tax hike? The answer is sort of.

The question at the heart of the political debate for November's ballot leads to two correct and seemingly contradictory answers

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As Colorado’s governor, lawmakers target tax breaks, a program that covers 75% of the state’s land could be in the crosshairs

A Colorado Sun analysis of $223 million in tax credits awarded from 2013 to 2018 found that the state is often doling out taxpayer dollars without much evidence that each tax credit is producing economic activity that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise

Sun Investigation

A new Colorado report tries to show what higher education is worth. The value is clearer for some degrees than others.

Colorado students, especially would-be teachers, are making cost-benefit choices of their own and switching to more lucrative programs


Colorado is spending record sums on transportation. But state highways are getting less.

A partisan split on whether to use state funds to help local governments’ transportation needs foreshadows even more difficult choices down the road


Colorado needs affordable housing. The state owns land. Can this combination work?

Gov. Jared Polis is urging the State Land Board to address housing shortage for teachers, part of a campaign promise he made

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What PERA’s bad year means for public workers, retirees and taxpayers in Colorado, explained in charts

Most of what the government puts into the pension system is covering unfunded debt, not the retirement of current workers and teachers

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Low pay. Cuts to PERA. For some state workers in Colorado, it’s like the recession never ended.

For Colorado government workers, recent pay hikes are negated by rising pension contributions, and vacant positions are becoming harder to fill

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As rural Colorado fears being overlooked in 2020 census, some question spending money on outreach

The stakes for the census count are real: A study estimates a loss of $63 million for a 1% undercount of Colorado residents

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PERA lost $1.8 billion after brutal finish for 2018 stocks. Now public workers and taxpayers will pay more.

Colorado taxpayers and state employees will need to pay more as new guardrails designed to shore up the system are triggered

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