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Moe Clark

Moe Clark is a former Colorado Sun writer. She left the publication in June 2020.

TIMELINE: The moments that have shaped Colorado’s response to coronavirus

Since the state’s first case on March 5, Gov. Jared Polis and health officials have taken extraordinary steps to try to slow the spread of the disease


Colorado is still figuring out how to protect the homeless as Denver shelter reports two coronavirus cases

Two patients at the Stout Street clinic tested positive for COVID-19 and are now recovering in isolation. Homeless advocates worry the state isn’t prepared for an outbreak.

Colorado’s coronavirus stay-at-home order raised a lot of questions. Don’t call 911 to ask them.

Residents are wondering if they can pick up children from ex-spouses, teachers want to know if they can deliver homework to students, and some people are even asking if they still have to follow traffic laws.

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Colorado is now under a stay-at-home order. But what about those without homes?

With state efforts lagging, Springs Rescue Mission invests in “isolation” shelter to slow the spread of coronavirus, protect people experiencing homelessness -- a move that’s “definitely a test of our faith.”


Colorado is banking on telehealth to slow coronavirus. But many rural hospitals lack necessary resources.

Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rules changed on Wednesday, but rural hospitals say they still face significant financial barriers to get the virtual systems in place fast enough to make a difference


Homeless shelters and health officials scramble for a plan as coronavirus spreads in Colorado

Health officials are encouraging individuals with coronavirus symptoms to get tested and self quarantine. But what happens when you don’t have a home?


Colorado lawmakers wanted to tackle the state’s PFAS problem. They are taking more of a baby step.

A bill to regulate harmful “forever chemicals” that contaminate groundwater was chopped in half during its first public hearing

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Suncor oil refinery agrees to $9 million settlement with Colorado for air quality violations in Commerce City

The deal with Colorado’s health department includes $2.6 million in projects to improve environment and health in the adjacent neighborhoods most affected by violations, including Globeville and Elyria-Swansea


Bernie Sanders wins Colorado’s Democratic presidential primary, but late ballot surge may tighten race

The Associated Press called the race for Sanders a moment after voting ended at 7 p.m. Former Vice President Joe Biden is beating expectations in Colorado.

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Colorado lawmakers want to stop dogs, cats from being euthanized in shelters for lack of space

Senate Bill 164 sets a “standard of care” but still allows euthanasia if the animal is terminally ill, injured or dangerous. Shelters say that’s already current practice.

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How Bernie Sanders became the favorite in Colorado: A look inside the campaign

The Vermont senator’s strong support didn’t fade after his 2016 victory in Colorado. In fact, he has energized new volunteers.

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Colorado’s tribal youth haven’t been included in the state’s teen lawmaking council — until now

Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday signed into law his first bill of 2020, which added two tribal youth positions to the Colorado Youth Advisory Council

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There’s a push to increase fines for Colorado polluters and directly help impacted communities

Last year, Colorado legislators pushed for stricter environmental protection. This year, they want everyone to benefit from the solutions.


One in eight people struggle with infertility. Colorado lawmakers want insurance to cover treatment

The bill would require insurance to cover IVF and services to preserve eggs and sperm for patients undergoing lifesaving medical treatment like chemo.

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Will 2020 be the year Colorado bans plastic bags, Styrofoam and other single-use plastics?

Lawmakers struck out with the first bill this session to make way for local plastic bans in Colorado. But two more are up to bat this month to regulate single-use plastics

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Water is Colorado’s most critical resource. So why isn’t it central to every local land-use decision?

A new bill in Colorado's capitol aims to better align local land-use planning with water conservation efforts laid out in the Colorado Water Plan. But is it enough?

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Colorado vowed to end the waitlist for an adult disability program by 2020. Nearly 3,000 people are still waiting.

The Medicaid program provides 24/7 care for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The average wait is currently eight years.

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Colorado lawmakers move closer to repealing death penalty after emotional debate

Senate Bill 100 received initial approval after a six-hour debate in the Democratic-led Colorado Senate with vocal opposition from Sen. Rhonda Fields, whose son was killed by two of the three men on the state's death row

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Colorado renters may have eviction records even though they’ve never been evicted. Lawmakers want to change that.

The push in Colorado comes after a handful of laws passed last session focused on addressing affordable housing, homelessness and renter’s rights.

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Millions in oil, gas taxes may have been lost because Colorado regulators didn’t enforce reporting rules

A scathing audit -- which comes after Colorado tightened oil and gas regulations last year -- found the top drillers in the state failed to file thousands of production reports from 2016 to 2018

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