Wesley Dakan

By Colleen Slevin, The Associated Press

A now-fired Colorado state trooper charged with menacing allegedly pointed a semi-automatic rifle at two people in a car during a confrontation in Denver while he was off duty, according to a police report.

According to the report released Monday, Wesley Dakan, 44, pulled out the gun from the rear of his Subaru Crosstrek after a man in a Subaru WRX got out of the stopped car to walk back and apparently confront Dakan before getting back in the other car on April 25.

Wesley Dakan

Dakan appeared to get the gun ready to fire and pointed it at the WRX. The other car left after initially stalling and Dakan, after putting the gun back in the car, headed in the same direction, the document said.

A person who answered the phone at the law firm representing Dakan said it had no comment on the allegations.

There had been some dispute before Dakan allegedly pulled out the rifle, according to the report. The woman driving the WRX got out of the car at an intersection shortly before and waved her arms and yelled aggressively at Dakan, a witness told police. The witness stopped to watch what would happen when both cars then pulled over and told police that Dakan seemed “uncomfortable” holding the gun, which a state patrol official said could be an agency-issued AR-15, the report said.

Dakan was fired June 1 after an internal affairs investigation, the patrol said last week. The news came after prosecutors disclosed that an unnamed law enforcement officer had been charged in the case in an announcement urging the victims to come forward.

As of Monday, they have still not been identified, the office said.