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Dark money and disclosure gaps are priorities for new state election chief, Democrats

Political flyers with no mention of who paid for them. Mailers that mention candidates, but with no disclosure of the donors who covered the cost of the messages. Nonprofits donating millions of dollars to super PACs, with no ability for voters to learn where the money came from. And an enforcement system that relies on […]

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Angela Hawse takes helm of American Mountain Guides Association board as group leans on women to foster change in guiding culture

A business owner, veteran guide, educator and pioneer for women in the outdoor industry, Angela Hawse is an alpine boss. In 2010 she became the sixth American woman to earn the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association certification, the highest level for mountain guide. She is the only woman on the American Mountain Guides Association […]

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Armstrong: For better politics, let’s separate party and state

Imagine there’s no political party on the ballot. It’s easy if you try. And, unlike John Lennon’s utopia, my proposed reforms are both possible and prudent. Early in our state’s history people tried letting political parties largely run elections. That was a disaster. Now we try letting government run political parties in important ways. Our […]

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Sunriser: Seeding the clouds for snow, a community takes a risk to fight crushing health care costs, the “Holy Grail” of baseball cards in Denver and more

Compiled by Eric Lubbers, eric@coloradosun.comCTO/Newsletter Wrangler, @brofax Good morning and happy Weirdest Friday of the Year, readers! We are fully in the misty, ambiguous span between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, during which the state’s workforce (and traffic) ebbs and flows, leading to bizarre moments like a ghost town of Starbucks during prime coffee break […]

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Colorado, desperate for snow, explores new takes on the old idea of cloud seeding

Cloud-seeding machines strategically positioned in Colorado’s high country have been aimed at the sky for four decades, spewing a compound called silver iodide into the clouds to try to make it snow. Skeptics have been plenty and definitive research was elusive — it’s hard to prove exactly how much more snow falls after clouds are […]

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SunLit 2018: Colorado authors took us on wide-ranging tours of the human condition

When we launched SunLit in September, our aim was to provide enticing weekly excerpts of work from some of Colorado’s best authors to add a literary flavor to the journalism we do every day. It’s about building community and exploring a variety of perspectives on Colorado life. The offerings represented diverse genres of both fiction […]