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Money allows candidates to spread their messages to potential voters directly through mailers, canvassing, broadcast and digital ads. Some of that money also goes to consultants to craft those messages or to raise even more money to deliver them.

So The Colorado Sun is offering a quick look at some key campaign finance metrics, including how much candidates are raising and spending. We’ll also update TV ad spending weekly. It’s one of the largest costs for campaigns and often an indicator of how broadly a message is being delivered.

— Sandra Fish

Statewide candidates through Oct. 26

Candidates for governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer file reports every two weeks from early September through Oct. 31, and again on Dec. 13. This table will be updated next on Dec. 14.

Competitive state Senate contests through Oct. 26

The Colorado Sun identified seven state Senate contests that are key to controlling the body, which now has a 21-14 Democratic majority. This table will be updated next on Dec. 14.

Congressional fundraising through Oct. 19

Candidates for U.S. Senate and Colorado’s eight seats in the U.S. House of Representatives file quarterly reports and a final, pre-general election report on Oct. 27. They’ll file a post election report on Dec. 8.

General election TV ads by contest through Nov. 6

The Colorado Sun examines Federal Communications Commission contracts to break down TV advertising booked for the 2022 general election by each congressional contest. The 8th Congressional District is drawing the most spending thus far, followed by the U.S. Senate race. TV stations don’t have to file contracts for outside spenders in the contests for governor, attorney general, secretary of state or treasurer, so our data is likely incomplete for those races.

General election TV ads by advertiser through Nov. 6

Here’s a look at general election TV ad spending by the candidate or campaign doing the advertising, based on contracts filed with the Federal Communications Commission through Nov. 6.

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